Lease a 5 User Desktop Network

Our 5-User network is the perfect leasing solution for small businesses and comes with everything you need to set-up and operate a PC network including the wireless router, HP Proliant Server and 5 x Mini Tower PC's. 

You can choose from the level of support you need for your business with our Bronze, Silver or Gold options. All come with AVG Cloudcare antivirus, software installation and patching, next-day onsite warranty and unlimited remote support. Our telephone technical support is invaluable to keep your business running smoothly and means that you do not have to employ your own IT team. 

Starting at just £39 per week plus VAT on a three year flexible lease it offers you a powerful HP Proliant Server with Windows 2016 and Microsoft Office 365 Essentials.

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Technical Team HardSoft

HardSoft have been trading for over thirty years and are a one stop solution to all of your technology needs! As an authorised reseller and credit broker, our packages have been tailor made to work seamlessly alongside your business. Our technicians have all been trained to a very high standard and are will ensure the smooth installation and set up of your new network. The team are on hand to give you telephone technical support throughout the duration of your lease, keeping your business up and running. 

We are a serious alternative to Bank borrowing to both new and established businesses - business loan rates are often higher than that of lease finance and banks often charge a weighty arrangement fee. We will endeavour to avoid any demands for Directors Indemnities for new start up businesses and when we do these have 'limited' liability. Our flexibility means we can offer leases from 1 to 4 years, monthly, quarterly or annual payments, by invoice or direct debit. We can defer lease payments, or can accept a deposit to reduce the future rental payments. Software, maintenance and licensing can also be leased. Operating leases are available on Apple equipment which reduces rental payment but the equipment must be returned at the end of the lease.

Why Flexi-Lease