Apple Mac Network - Leasing from £49

Lease your Apple Mac network solution from HardSoft for an affordable solution. 

Apple Networks are now easier to configure and easier to maintain. Our Mac networks here at HardSoft feature 21.5” iMacs and the new Mac mini server. If you need more power then let us install the Mac mini Server which features Firewall and the flexible Drobo FS back-up system. All leasing packages include everything to run your business with three years telephone/remote support and an option to upgrade to on-site hardware maintenance. Cabling and installation costs can be included within your lease.

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Changes in High Sierra OS means it’s less usable as a Server platform YET has improved compatibility with Windows 2016 Server. Add into the mix that HP have released new faster secure Servers then the game has now changed in that your new Server for the Mac environment should be a Windows Server. Apple want you to move entirely into the Cloud but with sizeable data that just doesn’t work. Consider a PC server within your Mac environment

Our typical Apple iMac network is the perfect leasing solution for small creative businesses. Microsoft Office for Mac 2016 or Office 365 can be added for all Macs as can printers and other peripherals. (We offer leasing of storage solutions from Drobo, Seagate and Promise). Backup is resolved by a two-fold solution. Data is sent to the Seagate NAS in real time and a nightly back up of essential data is sent off site. This data can be accessed remotely and the last fourteen days of data can be recovered. 

All leasing packages include everything to run your business with three years telephone /remote support by Apple Certified Technical Coodinators. For enhanced support our Gold option includes a Loan Mac should yours need to go away for repair. This five user Apple Mac Network utilises wireless connectivity but we do offer a CAT5 Cabling service that can be included within the lease costs. If you need a different Mac Network solution then contact one of our for Apple Product Professionals advice on 0207 111 1643. 

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the Hardsoft tech teamThere are so many great reasons to lease wth HardSoft. With over 30 years of trading we are an IT specialist and a finance authority. Leasing comes at much better rates than bank loans and the unique leasing package we offer gives you so much more than great IT. You will receive 3 years extended warranty, this includes our collect, repair and return system that comes with no excess and parts included. You will also be subject to unlimited remote support for the duration of your lease. Our technical support team are highly trained in all products that we sell, they serve the whole of the UK. You can upgrade your support package with small payments incorporated in to your lease payments. Save on spending out on external IT support and utilise our help desk.

Customer service is our number one priority and this is reflected in our Feefo Gold award. HardSoft are a one stop shop and we will deal with all of your IT and finance needs. Our Flexi- lease is just as it says- flexible and with our Return, Renew, Retain policy you will be able to update your IT package or return it after just 24 months. This is ideal for those who are worried that their devices will become out dated. 

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