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5pc network

HardSoft have been managing Networks for over thirty year Take a look at our quick Network cost calculator that will allow us to supply and support your new PC Network on an easy monthly subscription. This is a three year rental contract and the kit is yours at the end for a nominal fee, though we can continue to support the PC System beyond that. If you need a bespoke quotation then contact us.

10 pc network

Number of PC Users

Standard Spec

Choose Standard and get an all-rounder PC Mini Tower with i5 CPU, 8GB RAM with a 22” Display.Configured with AVG CloudCare Anti-Virus.

Power Spec

Choose for Power Users a PC with an i7 CPU and 16GB RAM with 22” Display with AVG CloudCare Anti-Virus

Office 365 Software

A choice of Office 365 Solutions – Either Office 365 ESSENTIALS that gives you Microsoft Exchange On-Line for all your centralised Outlook needs or if you want accessibility across multiple platforms & devices plus access to the latest versions of Office then we offer Office 365 PREMIUM. Both with 3 years subscription. Compare Office 365 versions

Number of Business critical Applications

We need to work out how robust your Server needs to be. Do you use Sage or AutoCad or a bespoke software system? The more software you are running the more power your Server will need. All Servers are HP Proliant and we feature the HP ML10, ML150 & ML350. Servers are provide with all the extras needed to support including a UPS, Draytek Router and comprehensive Backup both onsite and in the Cloud.

Support & Installation Options

Just need the kit shipped then choose Bronze cover. If you want it installed with Helpdesk for three years then choose Silver and if you want pro-active IT maintenance and CyberSecurity protection then opt for Gold.Compare in detail our Support/installation choices

Do you require a Telephone Network?

A RingCentral Cloud phone system that includes a Handset per user with 750 minutes of calls per month. Fully featured with call recording, conferencing, fax, voice to email. Installed and maintained and your numbers ported. More details.

Network Calculator
Your Network Solution
  • {{ standardPcs.value }}x PC's - HP Mini Tower- i5 CPU, 500GB HDD, 8GB RAM, DVD-RW, 22" Display, Windows 10 Professional, AVG CloudCare
  • {{ powerPcs.value }}x PC’s - HP Mini Tower- i7 CPU, 1TB HDD, 16GB RAM, DVD-RW, 22" Display, Windows 10 Professional, AVG CloudCare
  • Office 365 Essentials - 3 years Office 365 Business Premium - 3 years
  • Server- HP Proliant ML10 Tower server –E3 CPU, 16GB RAM, 2 X 1TB HDD’s, 19” Screen, Windows 2016 Essentials + 1300VA UPS + Draytek 2860n Router + BackUp Storage
  • Server- HP Proliant ML150 Tower server –E5 CPU, 16GB RAM, 3 X 1TB HDD’s, 19” Screen, Windows 2016 Standard + 1300VA UPS + Draytek 2860n Router + BackUp Storage
  • Server- HP Proliant ML350 Tower server –E5 CPU, 32GB RAM, 4 X 1TB HDD’s, 19” Screen, Windows 2016 Standard + 1300VA UPS + Draytek 2860n Router + BackUp Storage
  • Support Option- BRONZE- Software configured and Kit shipped by courier. Three years HelpDesk support with Onsite next Day response inc. parts and labour.
  • Support Option- SILVER- On Site Installation & Integration by an Engineer. Three years HelpDesk support with On Site next Day response inc. parts and labour
  • Support Option- GOLD- On Site Installation, project management by an Engineer. Three years priority HelpDesk support with On Site next Day response inc. parts and labour plus 30 hours Consultancy. Sophos Intercept X Cybersecurity protection.
Sorry min. 5 pc's required
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Calculator - FAQ’s

Q and A leasing

I need Laptops instead of Desktops?
That is fine we can mix the quantities and PC and laptop specs. Email with the quantities you need and we will get straight back to you.

Can you offer more than the 10 PC’s on your Network Calculator?
Yes, we do- just let us know your needs and we can put together a quotation. Need bigger Displays or higher specs then lets us know.

Do I need all the peripherals you suggest?
Yes -including the External USB hard drives, which act as an additional form of Back Up that can be taken off site.

Are the computers new and why HP?
Yes, all equipment is new and we offer HP as they offer a good choice of Desktop PC’s and Servers. We do offer Fujitsu and Lenovo as an alternative on the Desktop PC’s.

Can I mix Office 365 Essentials and Office 365 Premium as my Users have different needs?
Certainly, you can but our Network Ready-Reckoner doesn’t allow this option so again make contact for a quote.

Where is my Office 365 data held?
Microsoft hold data in the EU. You can request that your data be kept in the UK. This is a one off change only. UK Data centres are generally not as fast as those that Microsoft locate in other parts of the EU.

Is Microsoft Office 365 GDPR compliant?
Yes, it is though making your organisation GDPR compliant is a complex jigsaw for which having Office 365 compliant is part of that puzzle.

Is the backup solution provided compliant to GDPR?
Yes, our Cloud Solution is and the External USB hard drives we include are encrypted and require a PIN code to access. If someone was to try to tamper then these drives self-destruct. This being the case if you did lose a drive and it is encrypted then you would not need to report the data breach to the ICO.

From ordering a Bronze network how long, does it take to get my order delivered?
It is normally 3-4 days to get your Server and PC’s shipped.

What is the lead-time to get a new PC Network installed?
We normally install a Silver or Gold Network in about 7-10 days from placing your order.

What are your Service Hours?
Our Service Hours are working days 9am to 5-30pm. Engineers are here beyond these times working on issues raised during the days. We have a ‘ticket’ system for all incidents and you will be able to track the progress of an issue. Our target is to contact you with an experienced engineer within an hour. You can log a call via the website, email, web chat or simply a telephone call.

My Server is ‘down’ how soon will I get an engineer?
Very rarely a Server dies that we cannot repair remotely but it does happen sometimes and we will be with you the next working day.

How disruptive will be new Network installation be?
We will try to be as discreet and quick as possible though there undoubtedly be downtime as data is moved and new systems are installed.

Can you install at weekends?
Yes for a small extra fee.

How experienced is your Network installation engineer?
All have at least five years of experience.

How long does the installation take?
Generally, we allow 2 days for an average 5-user network moving up to 4 days for 15-user network. Though on these networks we would put two, IT engineers in to halve this.

Can you supply a Rack Server instead of a Tower Server?
Yes, all are available in a Rack style for the same price. You naturally will need a Rack. Note that Rack Servers are generally much noisier.

AVG is included within the costs for Anti-Virus but isn’t that a free product?
AVG offer a free version designed for home users but we supply the Cloud version which is a paid for version.

Sophos Intercept X is included on the Gold support option. Is this the best Anti-Ransomware software?
We believe this is. It is easy to manage and maintain. Our second choice would be MalWare Bytes for Business though you would need an IT expert at your end, as it is more difficult to manage.

What happens at the end of the 3 years to my support?
Support terminates when you stop paying but there are options… Apart from taking a new system as an option, you can continue paying for the Support and warranty of your Server and PC’s which also includes the AVG CloudCare subscription for a further year and service visits. This is paid at 50% of your in-contract cost.

What happens at the end of the lease to my Office 365 subscription?
We will contact you 30 days from the end to offer a renewal that would be for a further year.

If I take up your Extended Support for the fourth year at 50%, does it include the Office 365 subscription?
No it doesn’t and 365 must be paid annually.

If I do not renew Office 365 what happens next?
You have 30 days grace from Microsoft before your emails are locked. If you don’t renew then after a further 30 days then Microsoft will delete your account and you will not be able to get access to your emails and 365 data ever.

Are there any extra costs?
No, though should you ask us to look after third party software or peripherals not supplied by us then there would be a per incident charge. Additionally should you relocate offices or need our consultancy services on GDPR or Cyber Essentials then these are extra.

Can a New or Start Ups company lease a Server and Network system?
Yes if the Company has not Filed Accounts at Companies House then we will need extra info to underwrite. This means Directors info to ascertain the business owners have clean credit histories and would need at least two months bank statements that can prove affordability. If the business is so new that this info is not available then Personal bank statements of the owners is sufficient. Again would be looking that the Bank Account is used within its limits with no unpaid or returned items.

How competitive are HardSoft prices?
Very. However, not always the cheapest our service and overall package remains consistently the best value for money.

When is the first direct debit?
Normally the first of the month following delivery.

Do prices exclude VAT?
Yes they do.

Do I have to pay a lump sum at the end to own the computer?
Our Flexi-Lease includes the option to own for normally £1 after the lease terminates.

Why Flexi-Lease
lease it