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What is DaaS?

DaaS stands for Device as a Service. Pay a monthly subscription for your hardware instead of buying them outright with an upfront lump sum. This service is popular among companies as it gives you full support and management with your devices along with cash flow benefits. Devices for Teams by HardSoft gives you the freedom to Add, Switch and Return devices throughout your agreement – without penalty. Our flexible DaaS solution also comes with our 360° support wrapper, deployment, pre-configurations and remote diagnostics.
 Watch our video on D4T for Surface devices.

Switch devices throughout your lease.

You can switch PC to Mac or any devices you require. Whether you need to upgrade or downgrade, we can do this all within your devices for teams solution at any time.

Add devices throughout your lease.

If you have an extra employee starting or even if you need some extra devices temporarily for a project, you can add a Surface device at any time.

Return devices throughout your lease.

If you need to return a device due to an employee leaving or simply no longer require that Surface, you can simply return the device to us or we can collect it for you with no penalty.

    Mobile Device Management (MDM) with Microsoft Intune

    Control all of your devices from one place with Microsoft Intune. This is a cloud-based service that will give your IT department some peace of mind by knowing that your company and data is secure. Save your time and money with deployment, device management and built-in, cloud-powered security. Microsoft Intune brings together all your Microsoft Surface devices and software to your MDM so all of your business policies and systems can be kept together. InTune is part of Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) suite. It also integrates with Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) so you can control who has access, and what they can access. It can be used with all of the Microsoft 365 suites.

    Achieve Zero Touch Deployment with Devices for Teams

    Microsoft Autopilot with your Mobile Device Management choice whether you choose Microsoft Intune or Cisco Meraki, gives your business complete flexibility and takes the hassle away from your IT department. There’s no need to manually set up new devices before you give them to your employees. When you sign up to Windows Autopilot, HardSoft can ship the devices, ready and prepared to your home or office. We will add any new devices you need straight to Autopilot, customise and configure your set up by creating a profile to your businesses’ devices and making sure your employees have everything they need on their device before they receive it.

    Get a Surface…Get Cashback on your old PC

    Recycle your wanted PC’s that are stuck in your office taking up room and get up to £150 – working or not! We are offering a minimum of £100 cash back for your old PC with a display and £150 for a laptop. We have a huge choice of Surface devices that you can choose from to replace your current PC. Not only are there financial benefits to recycling your old devices but by recycling your laptop or desktop PC, you will help reduce the impact on the environment by throwing away your device which helps contributing to a more sustainable society. Once we have collected your device, it will be checked and data removed so it will be a hassle and worry free process for you as we will take care of the rest.

    Trial a Surface device before you Lease

    Trial first-hand the latest tech available on the market for 72 hours. Find out what a brand new Surface device can do for you and your business. Your brand new device will be couriered directly to your office or wherever your workspace is. Once you have your device, you can work with it for 72 hours and download whatever software you like. The latest Surface Laptop 4 and Surface Duo are available to trial for 72 hours. Once the 72 hours are up, we will then collect the device, and ensure it’s securely wiped so none of your data is on it still. HardSoft will take care of the delivery and collection free of charge along with a date to suit you.

    HardSoft’s Devices for Teams solution gives your business a flexible DaaS solution. This solution that is designed for scaling businesses allows you to Add, Switch and Return devices whenever you need to throughout your agreement. It also includes 360° Support wrapper, pre-configuration and deployment as well as support and management.

    Benefits in getting Devices for Teams.There are many reasons to choose HardSofts D4T solution. Get true flexibility to match your business needs by being able to flex up and down as you need – without penalty. Leasing instead of buying your hardware is good for cash flow and avoids any upfront costs, allowing your teams to have the latest tech without the faaf!

    Demystifying Device as a Service webinar There are many different “as a Service” offering and variants in today’s market, and the aim of this webinar done by our experts clarified what DaaS is and what benefits it can bring to your business. They also provided a complete overview on all things DaaS as well as guiding you through our Devices for Teams solution.

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