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Surface devices with and 4G and 5G connectivity

5G with Surface allows you to free yourself from Wi-Fi and hotspot dependency by being always connected. These devices are perfect for businesses and employees who are on-the-go, working from home or frequently commuting and going out of the office to meetings.

Microsoft Surface Pro 9 with 5G

The Surface Pro 9 gives you the power of a desktop with the convenience and efficiency of a tablet, while providing the convenience of a 13-inch touchscreen. With up to 15.5 hours of battery life, when you lease the Surface Pro 9 from HardSoft on our flexible and affordable solutions, you’ll have an extremely valuable asset for your business, which you can take with you wherever your work takes you.

Check out the new Surface Pro 9 with 5G

5G Devices from HardSoft

HardSoft provides 5G laptops and tablets to businesses that value the ability to reliably work anywhere. With faster speeds, higher capacity and lower latency, you’ll be able to get through the workday just as if you were connected to the office Wi-Fi. 5G also opens up endless possibilities around the so-called Internet of Things “IoT”. Sensors, thermostats, lights and more can all be connected and share data with one another to offer greater opportunities in the business world. Learn more.

Microsoft Surface Go 3 4G LTE

Connect to anywhere on the go with the Surface Go 3 LTE. Whilst on the move, you can connect your Surface Go 3 via its USB-C port to displays, docking stations, and other peripherals. Designed for the modern workplace, the Surface Go 3 is perfect for businesses that are out in the field or on the go to meetings, commuting, or even working from home. Connect, collaborate and work in any environment with the fast 4G LTE connectivity. You can also choose to add FREE 6GB Mobile Data to your lease of the Surface Go 3.

Microsoft Surface Solutions FAQs

On our Flexi-Lease solution, you can Change or Continue your lease after 24 months. Alternatively, you can cancel the last year of your agreement (there is some small print on this and we do charge £75 to collect and data erase your device).

All of our leasing solutions include warranty, technical support and an Account Manager.

Not a problem, our Pure Rental solution allows you to return your devices at the end of your agreement. We will simply pick it back up at the end of it. If you do decide to keep the equipment, this is possible but at market rates.

Hold down the power button and the volume up button. This will make the screen dim and brighten to indicate the screenshot has been taken.

Select the start button, then type “system information” and select it when it appears in the list of results. From there you can choose Find System Model under the item column, and here you can find the information about your Surface in the System Model column.

HardSoft provide a solution to fit all business needs. If you have a large workplace or just need more equipment than anticipated, that’s not an issue. Our Devices for Teams solution allows you to get more than 20+ devices, delivered to multiple addresses if you need them to be and also you can add any device throughout your agreement.

You can change your device. Whether you want to upgrade your device or even downgrade it, we can organise that for you. You can cancel your device after 2 years (there is some small print and a charge of £75 for collection or you can continue for just £1!.

Press and hold the volume up button and the power button simultaneously until the screen turns off. This should take roughly 15 seconds.

Microsoft Surface does not come with Google Play installed and comes with the Windows App Store instead. Google Play apps are designed for Android only, and any Google Play exclusive apps will need to be developed in the future to run on the Microsoft Windows OS.

Leasing is better for cash flow. HardSoft also provide a Service & Support Wrapper like no other where we give you warranty, technical support and loan machines throughout your agreement. We also try and offer next day delivery (subject to stock availability).

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