Benefits of Leasing

3 Year Warranty & Technical Support

Throughout your lease, we give technical support and 3 years warranty. This allows you to not have to worry about sending off your equipment for any fixes to the manufacturer as we will collect it AND give you a loan machine until it’s fixed!

Amazing choice of equipment

Everyone can now have the latest tech they need. We have an amazing choice of Surface devices to suit all of your employees. Whether they need a laptop, a tablet or a desktop, we have everything covered.

True Flexibility

Add, subtract and change as your business needs. The real benefit lies in the flexibility to match your business needs – your subscription allows you to flex up and down as you need – & only for what you use.

Old Equipment Is The Thing Of The Past

You can change, cancel or continue your lease on our Flexi-Lease option. That means no more keeping old devices in your workplace and you’re able to get new equipment with your lease without having to pay a big lump sum for it.

Good for Cash Flow in your business

Why pay for all the latest tech upfront when you can get it less than the price of a daily coffee? Our tax efficient solutions are great for cash flow and helping your business grow.

Get More Devices Throughout Your Lease!

Change or add devices to your lease agreement. If you require extra equipment or, you can do that when you lease. .


Flexi-Lease allows you to have the option to Change, Continue or Cancel. Our unique Flexi-Lease solution offers our customers 3 options during your lease so you have full control. After 2 years, your dedicated account manager will be in touch and ask whether you want to do the above 3 options. At the end of your lease, you can take ownership of your device for just £1 + VAT.

Pure Rental

An affordable option for businesses that want to prioritise their finances over flexibility. Pure rental allows you to still have 3 years full service wrapper and then simply hand back the equipment afterwards. Pure Rental provides a no nonsense Microsoft Surface rental option – No-Fuss, No Mess & No Hardware responsibilities.

Devices For Teams

DaaS stands for Device as a Service. This solution allows you to pay a monthly fee for your hardware, instead of paying an upfront lump sum. Equip your entire team with Microsoft Surfaces and pay monthly under a single agreement. Devices For Teams allows you to add, switch and return devices as and when you need so your business can always operate efficiently at no extra cost!

Short Term Hire

Our Short Term Hire leasing solution gives you all the benefits of a normal lease but allows you to do it for days, months or up to a year. We can get a Surface out to you within a 24-48 hour delivery. Get flexible extensions and rent for exactly how long you want. Always have the latest technology as well as the support and help throught your agreement.

Microsoft Surface Solutions FAQ’s

On our Flexi-Lease solution, you can Change or Continue your lease after 24 months. Alternatively, you can cancel the last year of your agreement (there is some small print on this and we do charge £75 to collect and data erase your device).

All of our leasing solutions include warranty, technical support and an Account Manager.

Not a problem, our Pure Rental solution allows you to return your devices at the end of your agreement. We will simply pick it back up at the end of it. If you do decide to keep the equipment, this is possible but at market rates.

HardSoft provide a solution to fit all business needs. If you have a large workplace or just need more equipment than anticipated, that’s not an issue. Our Devices for Teams solution allows you to get more than 20+ devices, delivered to multiple addresses if you need them to be and also you can add any device throughout your agreement.

You can change your device. Whether you want to upgrade your device or even downgrade it, we can organise that for you. You can cancel your device after 2 years (there is some small print and a charge of £75 for collection or you can continue for just £1!.

Leasing is better for cash flow. HardSoft also provide a Service & Support Wrapper like no other where we give you warranty, technical support and loan machines throughout your agreement. We also try and offer next day delivery (subject to stock availability).

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