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You can choose to add this at any time throughout the lease contract of your computers. If you do not provide details of your own policy covering the equipment then cover will be added to your lease direct debit. This protects us all against any immediate loss and the knock-on consequences.

All Inclusive 3 Year Warranty
This support wrapper is inclusive of all parts and labour. If your Surface is faulty we offer, at no cost, a ‘Collect and Return’ service; whereby our courier will be sent in the next day after a fault has been reported and will return this to us for repair.

Accidental Damage Protection
Our Accidental Damage Protection cover extends your three-year warranty to cover your Devices that are broken as a result of sudden and unexpected events such as your Laptop being dropped or liquid is spilt on it.

Loyalty Rewards
We love our Customers! That’s why we have secured & continue to secure the return of over 5000 UK businesses for their IT & Computer needs. Existing Customers are Automatically enrolled. Get in touch with your HardSoft Account Manager or contact us.

Hardsoft is a company that is large enough to cope but small enough to care. Personal service is the key. We do not use voice mail – you will always find somebody to help. Our Technical helpline does not operate from abroad on an expensive call cost – we will telephone you back if we are busy. We won’t hide behind terms and conditions – we employ real people that give real & honest answers.


We have the very best insights into Microsoft Surface devices and what you need to know. We have comparisons, which Surface you need to get and what is best for businesses. We also have great technology insights into the Surface brand.

Microsoft devices have changed and HardSoft gives you all the latest news and what’s coming in the future. We also keep up to date with the latest software and accessories so that businesses are fully up to date with their devices and tech.

Providing a few nuggets of insights, we help provide knowledge on not just the devices but anything from deployment, Microsoft Autopilot, Microsoft 365 and different Cyber Security Software. We also concentrate on what is happening in the world as well as new updates on HardSoft and it’s team! You can catch up with all the latest tech and company news from our blogs. Find out more here.

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