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Finding the right Surface can be a difficult challenge. That’s why we have put them together for you to give you an insight into which surface is the best one for your business. Working remotely with a Microsoft Surface is now easier than ever, whether you need to do it from your home office to your kitchen table or living room sofa, the Surface range delivers power to get it done along with hi-res touchscreen, HD cameras so you can stay in touch on Microsoft Teams and having the Windows OS & software you know.

Experience the Surface range first hand by trialling them for 72 hours. Test a brand new Surface in your business to see the benefits it can bring. From powerful performance with the new Microsoft SQ3 Adreno and Intel 12th Gen processors, to flexible portability that fully enables your hybrid working policies to their fullest. Looking for a mobile phone? Why not trial a Microsoft Surface Duo for 72 hours and find out if it’s perfect for your business.

Devices for teams is the perfect match! Devices for teams is perfect for companies who need more than 20 devices at any one time. This solutions allows you to add, switch and return devices as needed, so your business can carry on operating efficiently with no extra cost. We will take care of everything, pre-configurations, deployment, support and delivering direct to your front door. All you need to do is tell us what you need, whether its 20 Surface Pro 7’s or 20 Surface Studio’s, we will have you covered.

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4 Easy steps to leasing with HardSoft, Step 1 - select your devices, Step 2, Choose your solution, Step 3 - Pick a Support Plan, Step 4, Add to basket. Enjoy!

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Microsoft Surface Leasing, At The Right Price. We can get access to all of the latest Surfaces and get the best deals and leasing options for our customers. Get the right specification you require for your business.

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We are proud that more than half of all our business are from existing customers. We will always find someone to help with any query or problem you may have. We have Case Studies from a few of our customers that have given us a review.

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With over 35 years of experience, being accredited as brokers by the FCA and certified by Microsoft, Apple, Dell and many more. With over 5,000 customers and strong partnerships, we take a unique approach to IT leasing.

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