Mac Does That For Your Business

MacBook Air 13

Get two inches more for less than £2 a week!

MacBook Air 16

When you lease a MacBook Air from HardSoft, you get much more than a MacBook Air! We’re a one-stop shop for the financing, supply, configuration, support, and more. So you won’t have to shop around for multiple vendors to build up your IT infrastructure. IT’s IT leasing reinvented.

Flexi and Pure leasing solutions - flex for maximum benefits. Pure for minimum expense
flexi - max benefits and pure - min benefits

Flexi – our most popular solution

For start-ups & small businesses, Flexi gives your the  option to Cancel the contract or Change devices after two years.

Pure – our most affordable solutions

No-nonsense, no fuss leasing. Little flexibility and no ownership option means it’s our most affordable package.

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2. flexibility

Change or Cancel at 18 months

Flexi is exactly how it sounds – get flexibility when you need it most.

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Cashflow friendly solutions

Pure, Flexi, and D4T, agile solutions for your OpEx and CapEx goals.

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Pro support for pros

Choose a Support plan that’s best for your business.

3. single source for your needs

A single source

No third-parties needed with our all-under-one roof solutions.

Mac does that, MacBook Air starlight

Whatever your business needs, Mac does that.

We can easily and affordably deploy M2 Mac devices into your business with our all-under-one roof leasing solutions.

Learn how an M2 Mac can greatly benefit your business, from all-day battery, to having the power you need for any workload.

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Split the facts from the myths

Leasing IT devices for business has a reputation for being slow and inflexible with hidden fees tagged on for good measure.

But none of this is true when it comes to HardSoft or speedy, flexible, and transparent leasing solutions we provide.

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myths of leasing