Financing Your Business Scale Up With Hardsoft Leasing

Hardsoft are in a unique position to provide the most flexible, customisable, and, above all, efficient solutions for scaleup businesses. Scale ups are the fastest-growing companies. They also have highly changeable structures, and require services swiftly, in order to keep that turnover rising, while avoiding large outgoings.

Scale up businesses have a challenging balance to strike, and any delays could set you back from achieving growth targets, profits, or your next funding phase. We have a leasing option to suit businesses of practically every size, stage, and industry, to spread the cost of their IT hardware. However, we are especially well matched with scale ups thanks to our autonomous investing decisions and uncompromisingly adaptable lease solutions.

Our lease packages, such as Hardsoft’s Devices For Teams, flex with a company’s changing needs, making Hardsoft the perfect partner for scale ups looking into their series B or series C funding. When it’s time to increase your customer acquisition and workforce, Hardsoft has cashflow-friendly leasing options to keep upfront costs low, so you can hit your projected profit thresholds.

pure, flexi and devices for teams solutions with lifestyle imagery
pure, flexi and devices for teams solutions with lifestyle imagery

Understanding Scale ups’ Funding Cycles.

Hardsoft’s IT hardware leasing is built to work perfectly attuned to scale ups’ financing. When a business moves from start up to scale up, rapid exponential growth becomes the name of the game. This is not easy to sustain. The right funding, strategy, and a ready cash flow are crucial.

Only 1 in 200 start ups become actual scale ups. In the UK, scale ups, in terms of employment, are rising but the most coveted scale ups, those that successfully rise by 20% growth of turnover, are down. Hardsoft can help by leasing high-performing IT devices to your workforce to keep costs low while you pitch for your series B or C funding.

Where Is Your Scale Up In Its Funding Cycle Journey?

Pre Seed Funding: At this stage, you’re still a start up, or even the inspiration for a start up. This is the first round of funding. Some companies will crowdfund, others will look to established investors, and some will be bootstrapping (using their own finances). This money usually goes towards initial market research, creating plans, hiring the first employees, or putting infrastructure in place for product creation.

If you’re still a start up, check out Hardsoft’s leasing solutions for new businesses.

Series A Funding: The first seed funding after the pre-seed injection. With series A funding, most start ups look to launch the company. The first revenue production should begin at this stage, though most businesses will be pre-profit. Prior to series A funding, you’re still a start up. Investors contribute to promising companies if they can prove a great plan on paper. This money will help develop the business, the products, and work on creating that initial market demand.

Series B Funding: This is when a company goes from a start up to a scale up. The staff and offering will expand, but (most importantly) it is focused on growing the target audience. After series B funding, investors will be expecting to see profits.

Series C Funding: Funding is much easier to source at this level because profits are being made and used as evidence of success. There should be a proven 20% continual growth in staff and/or turnover. At this stage companies will be looking to their IPO (initial public offering), or potentially getting ready to sell the business.

seed funding diagram

Let’s look at how Hardsoft Leasing Ltd works alongside your scale up business funding.

How Will Hardsoft Device Leasing Fit In With My Scale Up Funding?

If you’ve already acquired your series A funding and are in the process of pitching for series B or series C funding, then this is the ideal time for ambitious scale ups to connect with Hardsoft. Hardsoft Leasing Ltd can invest in your business and enable your rapid growth scaling by providing high-performing devices on lease.

The reason we are the perfect partner for scale ups is thanks to our ultra-flexible leasing options and the ability to carry out autonomous financial investments. There’s no third-party finance company behind Hardsoft. We have over 20 years of history in providing hardware, including device leasing. When we lease to a company, we make our own autonomous decision on entering a leasing contract with you. It’s fast, cuts down on unnecessary paperwork, so there’s no red tape. It also means we can fit our packages to suit our clients and tweak our T&Cs to suit your needs.

There are no long wait times or friction when sourcing leased hardware with Hardsoft. In addition to our leasing being tax and cashflow-friendly, it’s a seamless process.  If your scale up needs leased machines for 20+ employees with software pre-loaded and delivered in the next 24 to 48 hours, then Hardsoft can provide it without a faff. This enables determined scale ups to keep pushing forward with their revenue-focused scaling.

Hardsoft provides leasing to businesses at many stages of their development, but our hyper agile, and flexible solutions like Devices for Teams are a match made in heaven for scale ups. Our Premium DaaS package allows the number of devices to scale up or down as needed. Devices can be quickly upgraded, swapped, or returned, and it includes a complete support wrapper to install all your required software and accounts.

This not only gives your workforce their devices quickly, but ensures they have exactly what they need, when they need it, ready to go. This ensures productivity levels are as high as can be.

start up scale up
iMac 24" - £10.70 per week

How We’ve Made A Difference

We’ve been delighted to provide Hardsoft’s Devices for Teams to companies like Echo by Lloyds Pharmacy. Hardsoft could see the value in a service that delivers prescriptions to people’s doors for free, even before the outbreak of the pandemic.

Hardsoft has been providing leasing to scale ups for many years. The pandemic has been make or break for many start ups and scale ups. Investors are still pooling money into innovative ideas, but they are certainly being more risk averse.

Hardsoft has been one of the companies to triumph through this hard time as tech devices become viewed as essential to every method of work. Thanks to a strong financial position and complete autonomy, we can make decisions for ourselves like investing by leasing to promising scale ups. Naturally, thanks to the efficiency and flexibility of our DaaS service, Echo has seen enormous growth during the pandemic as they rose to meet the sudden and large growing demand for their service during COVID 19.

Read more about how a DaaS solution paved the way to Echo’s pandemic scale up…

Ready to scale up? Let's get started!
Ready to scale up? Let's get started!

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