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Why Is Hardsoft Right For Scaleups?

Hardsoft has developed specialist leasing solutions that are ideal for ambitious scaleups looking to 10x their growth and make the most of their funding. Even if you’ve triumphed in scoring your series A seed funding, and are onto series B, or even series C funding, scaleups face challenges to maintaining positive growth.

Successful scaleups require the right support to ensure their continued exponential development. IT equipment leasing for scaleups is extremely popular, and with good reason. You need to hire talent quickly to achieve your projected growth in staff and/or turnover by 20% a year. Avoiding large outgoings eating up your funding is tricky at this stage in your evolution. IT hardware is essential to performance but easily one of the most expensive purchases for a rapidly advancing business.

Leasing IT equipment with Hardsoft offers scaleups:

  • Enhanced flexibility – Hardsoft’s device leasing for scaleups is highly adaptable to suit the nature of your business as you add scale.
  • Better cash flow – Leasing avoids those profit draining large capital expenditures. Small monthly payments leave more of your funding in place for other, profit-driven investments.
  • Tax friendly – Our leasing solutions are an OPEX model, and the monthly payments are 100% tax-deductible.
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Hardsoft’s Support For Financing Scaleups

Whether you’re looking to grow and grow or looking to scale up in order to sell your company, securing your series B and C funding are crucial expansion phases for a scaleup business. This is where you’ll be escalating your offering, and potentially looking to start your IPO. You’ll require an increase in staff. You may even need additional temporary talent to move this project to the next tier. This new workforce necessitates agile, high-performance IT equipment.

Leasing IT hardware is one of the best ways to help power your scaling and minimise big expenditures on devices. With Hardsoft Leasing Ltd, the finance arm of our business, we can push your scaleup forward. Think of us as another investor in the future of your business, providing the means to achieve your next goals.  

Hardsoft Leasing Ltd offer:

  • The best IT device leasing packages to suit your scaleup.
  • Autonomous funding decisions.
  • No getting caught up in slow bureaucracy or red tape.
  • No extra third-party financing companies causing delays.
  • Tailored terms and conditions to suit you.
  • Ongoing advice and IT support for your leased devices.

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IT Equipment Leasing for Scaleups – Hardsoft’s Solutions

Devices for Teams Essential & Premium Packages – Premium D4T is the perfect solution for rapidly growing scaleups. It is designed by Hardsoft with the needs of scaleups in mind and is the most flexible solution that we offer. Our premium DaaS package lets you add, switch, and return devices. The Essential package is cheaper for those scaleups looking to maximise affordability. Both options include a complete support wrapper.

Flexi-Lease – Another handy option for scaleups, which lets you change, continue, or cancel your devices during the course of your lease. You can gain ownership of the devices at the end of the lease period. Includes the Hardsoft Support Wrapper.

Pure-Rental – Our most affordable solution. Pure Rental allows scaleup businesses to further spread the cost of IT equipment for their teams while still enjoying a Support Wrapper. Highly discounted rates on IT devices, which you return at the end of the lease.

iMac 24" - £10.70 per week
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Why DaaS For Scaleups?

While we have several excellent device leasing options for scaleups, a DaaS (Devices as a Service) solution is by far the most adjustable and accommodating structure for a scaleups’ changing needs. Hardsoft’s Devices for Teams is the most comprehensive and customisable DaaS solution on the market. Not only does it scale to fit your needs, but it also provides upgrades on devices to ensure your team is producing the best work possible, and there are no penalties for returns.

Hardsoft’s Devices For Teams provides scaleups with:

  • Agile working – With our Premium DaaS package, you can add devices, swap them, upgrade them, or return them as needed.

  • Better productivity – Scaleups can utilise the newest and best devices, avoiding faults, slow machines, and unwanted downtime.

  • Improved quality of work output – Hardsoft’s Leasing options, such as Device as A Service, allow scaleup businesses to upgrade to the latest state-of-the-art hardware for continued powerful performance and efficiency.

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Ready to scale up? Let's get started!
Ready to scale up? Let's get started!

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