HardSoft – Global Shipping

HardSoft are now fullfilling your Apple Mac needs from within the USA

use map and highlighted areas such as Texas and New York which we have shipped devices to

For 35 years in the UK, we’ve been IT lease leaders & innovators, setting the market standard for IT leasing. Now, HardSoft is seizing the opportunity to move into exciting new international markets.

If you are an existing HardSoft customer in the UK and need devices delivered to your US-based employees or offices then we can certainly help. We can’t, unfortunately, provide our normal Support Plans but all Apple Mac devices are shipped with 3 years AppleCare for comprehensive local support within the USA.

The cost of your USA Mac will be added to your UK contract.

We can now enrol Apple devices into Apple Business manager (Jamf/CISCO). Billing will be onto your UK company.

Please contact your Account Manager at HardSoft for further details.