Guide to 13″ Lightweight Laptops

Best All Rounder

Comes with 11th Gen Intel Core i5 CPU, Intel Xe Graphics, a stunning 13.4″ FHD display, and 18 hours battery life!


Equipped with the new M1 Chip and 8 Core CPU and GPU, giving you more power than ever, and better graphics speeds!

Most Innovative

With a fully flexible hinge and borderless touchscreen display, you can use this laptop in a number of modes!


Weighs just 868g and is only 11.2mm thick! It’s the lightest, but the 11th Gen i5 or i7 CPU packs heavyweight power!

Best Display

Featuring a vivid 13.5″ touchscreen display with 3:2 aspect ratio, perfect for web surfing or word processing!


Tested against 12 military-grade requirements to ensure it will run in even the most extreme conditions!

Since the pandemic, lightweight laptops have been in high demand as more and more people find themselves away from the office. The need to have a portable device for your workday has never been greater, and there are a number of different options to choose from in this market. Each user has different needs during their workday. For example, some professionals such as graphic designers will require a powerful device, whereas other users will have different priorities and may require a more adaptable 2-in-1 laptop to use in a variety of modes.

This can make selecting the right device for your needs a bit tricky… so we have decided to outline our top recommendations in each category to help! You can also check out our full range of Thin and Light devices! These lightweight laptops are available to lease on a solution to suit your business!

Still not sure what you’re looking for? Let us know in the form below and our experts will be in touch!

Can't find your Superhero Laptop?

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    RTX 30 Series powered laptops

    Are you a creative professional, or even a gamer looking for the best graphics? Check out our range of NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 series powered laptops! The RTX 30 series graphics cards are powered by NVIDIA’s 2nd Gen RTX architecture Ampere, which brings new RT Cores, Tensor Cores, and streaming multiprocessors. When you’re gaming, editing 8K video, rendering complex 3D scenes, or streaming, make sure you have the best graphics and reach your true potential.

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