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Google Workspace Business Plus

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Google Workspace Business Plus has everything a business needs to boost productivity in the office

What is Google Workspace?

Organise, collaborate, meet, create, share, and manage everything in one place with all your teams.

Google Workspace is the comprehensive suite of cloud-based business apps you need to thrive in the modern world. From Gmail to Calendar, Sheets and Docs, Google Workspace has everything to keep you connected, on schedule, and productive no matter where you are or which device you use, online or off.

What does it include?

The suite of cloud-based apps is built into a single ecosystem so you can create the most efficient workflows for you and your team. Get Workspace on your mobile or a tablet device for a smooth transition from or to your desk, so you can get on with what’s important, wherever the day takes you. Google Workspace includes the following apps:


Stop the spam and block the malware with Gmail in your business. The Google Workspace email app gives you a fast, secure, and stable platform to send and receive business-essential emails with confidence.

Gmail syncs perfectly with other email providers such as Microsoft Outlook, so if you’re transitioning from different software you don’t need to worry about losing anything.

Google Calendar, Meet, and Tasks

The integration of Google Calendar, Meet, and Tasks brings you a project manager like no other. Meet your team and set their goals wherever they are, keeping everyone on track and in the know, all from a single source. With Google Workplace Business Plus edition, you can increase meeting capacity to 500 participants (including external), track attendance and record each meeting, with the ability to save them to Drive.

Docs, Sheets and Slides

The word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation software you’re used to have been reimagined in Google Workspace. The browser and mobile device apps are the most affordable way to create and edit office files that take full advantage of cloud-based technologies, allowing you to collaborate on live documents and view revision histories going back to the dawn of your files.


Build a one-stop information repository for your organisation where process docs, event calendars, news, and updates can all be displayed and downloaded from custom-built webpages restricted to internal use.

Google Sites lets you create a webpage in minutes by dragging and dropping all the information, images, and files you need to keep your staff and visitors informed.

And much more…

In addition to the above, you also get other apps such as Forms, Keep, Jamboard, and Apps Script, which you can integrate into your workflows to advance your business to new heights.

Why choose a Google Workspace?

If you want your teams organised, well-connected, and highly productive, you need Google Workspace. The family of apps gives your office a new way to work together with tools they’re already familiar with across any device.

Most businesses need to create word documents, be able to manage multiple project deadlines, and set up weekly meetings and events. All this and much more can be handled on a single, easy to use and secure platform with Workspace.

With the Business Standard edition of Google Workplace, you can enjoy additional benefits such as being able to chat outside your organisation, set up shared team drives, and search across your entire Workspace services for your work and information.

How secure is Google Workspace?

Workspace keeps your data locked down tightly behind state-of-the-art technologies, from industry-leading security protocols for physical and cloud-hosted operations, to two-step verification and AI detection to prevent suspicious login attempts.

Everything you do in your Workspace is end-to-end encrypted so only you and your users see what they need, when they need to, within the session time you’ve set.

With Google Workspace Business Plus edition you can retain, archive and search all your data with Google Vault. Vault is a comprehensive data retention and eDiscovery solution for businesses which need to hold on to vital data vital for as long as needed, even when accounts get suspended or documents get deleted.

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Cancellation Options- After the 12 month initial term you can cancel just with 30 days notice. For any changes to licences (including additional licences) please contact your Account Manager or email 

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