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Get a MacBook Pro 16-inch…Get Cashback on your old PC

trade in old device for MacBook Pro
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Trade in your old PC and select a high-end MacBook. Choose up to 8-Core GPU and 512GB SSD. FREE delivery

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Recycle your PC and get a minimum of £100 for Trading in a PC, working or not !

Looking for a new device? Not sure what to do with your old PC? By recycling your old machine, not only will you be helping the environment, you’ll be helping your finances! We are offering a minimum of £100 for your old PC, whether it’s working or not! You can also choose from our range of Space Grey MacBook Air and MacBook Pro devices that come in a variety of specifications to suit you, your team, and your business’ needs!

We are committed to doing what we can to help our planet. Be sure to check out our Pre-Loved range of second hand but first class devices, as well as our Trade-In and Part-Exchange offers! Not only are there financial benefits to recycling your old PC, there are also ethical benefits too. Computer equipment is a massive source of environmental waste, and by recycling your laptop or desktop, you help reduce the strain on the environment, contributing to a more sustainable society.

Conserving natural resources is key for the future of our planet. Recycling plastic, metal, glass etc. means there’s less need to make more of these materials, and therefore less fossil fuels, mining, and raw materials are used to make any new materials. The result of this is that there is a reduction in the harmful damage done to the natural world. The more we recycle, the less forests are cut down, the less wild animals are harmed, and less pollution fills our air and water.

So what happens to your device when it’s recycled? Once you have sent us your PC, it will be collected by our third-party partners who are a recycling company registered with the UK Environment Agency. From there, your  PC will be sent to a facility where it will be sorted, graded, and prepared to be broken down in to parts.  By separating the materials and breaking them down to their raw forms such as glass or metal, they can be sent back to manufacturers to create new products!

Have any questions about recycling your PC with HardSoft? Let us know in the section below and our team will be in touch to answer all of your queries!

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