Shortcut keyboards

A range of Software specific Custom Keyboards for Adobe Premiere Pro & Autodesk Maya

Brought to you by Logickeyboards the world’s leading keyboard innovators that feature every shortcut bound to the software you use every day. As well as all the regular letter and numbering of a conventional keyboard it features a whole new world of bespoke Shortcuts. All available with a PC system built for your software needs;

Side view of Custom PC with Premier Pro Logo inset.

HSi Custom PC: Adobe Premiere Pro

HardSoft is proud to present our Premier Pro optimised machine built by our specialists to maximise your output with Premiere Pro. We have fitted the base configuration with 64GB RAM to ensure you can render 4K which we have made upgradable to 128GB to push out 8K content. To optimise the software for 8K content you will need at least 10GB VRAM from your graphics card that’s why we have made the RTX 2080 Ti available to you with 11GB!

Includes: Adobe Premiere Pro Logickeyboard

Side view of Custom PC with AutoDesk Maya Logo inset.

HSi Custom PC: AutoDesk Maya

HardSoft has designed a Custom PC specifically to optimise your AutoDesk Maya output. Featuring the i9-9900K with one of the highest CPU clocking available and optimises your single core output in Maya. We have looked over the Graphics Cards supported by Maya and offer you the RTX 2080 Ti 11GB to make sure you have the highest and smoothest FPS. Alongside these, we have provided 32GB RAM base which is upgradable to 64GB to ensure that you can deal with any large complex scenes.

Includes: AutoDesk Maya Logickeyboard

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