The Change Option – How it works

Flexi-Lease - and the option to Change or Cancel


HardSoft offer an original approach to business user’s IT needs; as the authorised supplier of equipment as well as the credit broker, HardSoft is in control of the supply of equipment, the on-going support and the lease finance, meaning HardSoft really can offer tailored and flexible solutions.

With over twenty-five years’ experience HardSoft truly understands the importance of renewable flexible leases; supplying both new equipment while keeping the old. It’s a similar concept to a typical Mobile Phone upgrade.

Yes it is true, you do get to keep the old equipment when you change, and at no additional cost - you are even free to sell it. This offer to retain the existing equipment often sees business users moving across to a different platform, PC, software, printer or other peripherals. HardSoft refer to this option as CHANGE, CONTINUE, CANCEL.

If you choose not to change, then at the end of the lease you can either pay a one off charge of £1 and can keep the equipment; or HardSoft will come and collect the equipment and dispose of it responsibly if you prefer.

Equally important is that this can be hardware specific, as HardSoft fully appreciates that Apple Mac and PCs require different renewal options to reflect the lifecycle of that product.

PCs & Networks

With HardSoft’s Flexi-lease you can change the agreement after eighteen months, as you would with a mobile phone contract. Depending on whether you opt for an equivalent computer specification, higher, or more basic, your monthly cost will either increase; stay the same or even decrease. New leases are over thirty-six months and the original payments will cease.

Apple Mac computers

The Apple Mac change option is at twenty-four months, as MACs do not refresh as frequently as PCs, and unlike the PC change option, Apple customers have the option to cancel and return the Mac equipment at this point.

If you have a MAC on a HardSoft Flexi-lease, after twenty-four months you can:

CANCEL the equipment and cancel the contract (subject to a fee of £75 per Mac to collect and wipe all data).

CHANGE the lease, HardSoft will offer the equivalent computer specification at a similar cost per month whilst you CONTINUE with the old equipment and no need to pay the end of term charge, leaving you free to sell it (as with PCs you can also increase or decrease the specification, which will be reflected in your monthly payments).

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