What are the Benefits?

Always have the latest Apple & PC devices. Add or return as you need. Only pay for what you use.

Good for Cash Flow

Small monthly payments, Opex tax friendly

Only pay for what you use & avoid upfront costs! Predictable monthly investment with flexibility to scale up & down as you need. This is an operating lease and would be treated as an Opex.

Increase Productivity & Morale

Everyone has the latest personalised tech they need.

Designed to meet the needs of your business, the CFO, the CTO, and your people. Our solution is designed to resolve the unique challenges your business meets head-on. Right device. Right team. Right time. Empower new and existing employees.

True Flexibility

Add, subtract and change as your business needs.

The real benefit lies in the flexibility to match your business needs – varied project work,  freelance staff, new starters or expansion – your subscription allows you to flex up and down as you need – & only for what you use.

Avoid Obsolescence

No more depreciating assets – upgrade after 12 months

Kick off the subscription with a minimum of 20 Apple or PC devices 
Add any Apple or PC device throughout your subscription
Change any devices after just 12 months of your subscription
Return any device during your subscription

Full Support

Full service and support during business hours

Each Devices for Teams subscription includes a full 360° support wrapper for every device. Warranty, support, installations, configurations and loan devices. Meaning we configure, deliver, support and maintain every device – so you don’t have to!

Trusted Partner

Over 35 years of experience, Apple and FCA approved.

With over 35 years of experience, being accredited as brokers by the FCA and certified by Apple, Dell, Lenovo, HP etc – we unite the worlds of finance and technology to empower our customers. With over 5,000 customers and strong partnerships, we take a unique approach to IT leasing.

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About Hardsoft – Your Trusted Partner

HardSoft is the premium B2B IT leasing operation in the UK. Founded in 1984, with our experience, strong partnerships, FCA and Apple accreditations, Hardsoft are able to take a completely unique approach to leasing and subscriptions.

We are proud to offer bespoke solutions that unite the technology and finance needs of our customers. Whether scalability, flexibility, affordability or security is your priority – we have a solution to fit your needs and unite your teams.

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