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Devices for Teams – Desktops

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What If?

  • You could guarantee the right device, brand new, on your new starter’s desk Day One?
  • You could find a trusted supplier who configured every device down to the last detail for you…Day One?
  • You could scale the devices you need up & down over time, according to a fair & simple process – no fine print, all transparent?
  • You could finally keep both CFO & CTO happy, all the time?

A new agile subscription solution for growing business

Given our 35 years’ experience, strong partnerships and Apple certification we now offer a uniquely flexible Apple DaaS solution.

Devices for Teams is a flexible, cost-neutral, subscription model for Apple devices (including iPads & iPhones) that also includes a service wrapper with each device. The solution has been designed for high growth companies that need an agile subscription model suitable for both CTO and CFO. New devices can be added at any point and existing devices can be returned or replaced for new teams or employees after just 12months.

The Challenge – why Devices for Teams?

Businesses often expect devices to have a 4-6 year lifecycle which is leaving employees left with outdated devices and a pile of hardware depreciating in a stationary cupboard or laptop graveyard which is doing your business no favours.

There are a growing number of companies building teams of highly-skilled, highly paid individuals. These teams are under pressure from Day One, and having their preferred device – ready & waiting – is critical when ensuring the success and productivity of the entire team. How do you give these new team members the best NEW device without breaking the bank, restricting cash-flow, or building a fast-growing pile of depreciating hardware?

Purchasing Apple devices in large quantities is a no go and “leasing” in large quantities often means multiple agreements and a headache for your CFO.  Your teams want new personalised equipment and CFOs want minimal cost and complexity.

The Solution – Devices for Teams

We empower YOUR team(s) by supplying brand new equipment on-site from Day One! The service wrapper included with each device means we configure, deliver, support and maintain your devices, so you don’t have to. As you grow and teams plus projects rotate you can return devices or change them.  Devices for Teams is a truly disruptive model that bridges direct ownership and finance models, uniting the worlds of finance and technology.

Devices for Teams - Our Cost-Neutral, Agile & Disruptive Subscription Model. Take 30+ Devices & Provide Your Growing Business with a Uniquely Tailored IT Solution

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