MDM, DEP and other Software as a ServiceHardSoft is your outsourced IT Department that supplies, supports and maintains your equipment on a simple, flexible subscription.

Asset Register

As Authorised Apple Resellers, we can register Macs and iPads with Apple, which will help you with asset management. Apple’s Device Enrolment Programme (DEP) is a fast and efficient way to deploy Macs and iPads and other iOS devices which your business has leased.

Device Management

Using a Mobile Device Management (MDM) profile allows centralised control and deployment of software. You can configure access to corporate services, account settings, and even choose which apps can be used, and it’s all done remotely without the need for your IT team to set up each one.

Cloud Solutions

No need to hard drive back up or worry about the loss of data; placing your data on our ‘LiveDrive’ keeps it safe. Data loss can seriously disrupt your business, so using our cloud solutions (backing up data to a remote site via the internet) which offers 5TB of storage as standard, will safeguard your data as well as your business.

Software Audit

We hold records of which software customers have and keep note of serial numbers etc. This enables you to easily track any information you need, you just need to give us a call and we’ll locate it for you.

Asset Tagging

Apple will tag your IT assets free of charge, etching directly into the computer. Asset tagging is critical to identifying, tracking and controlling your IT equipment in order to help you know where those assets are and to help prevent theft.

Disk Imaging

We can supply a master hard drive which will have the basic template for all software you want on your network. Your IT team can then load the master to all of the devices saving you lots of time.

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