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Caldigit Element Hub

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Offering up to 40Gb/s data speeds and ultimate compatibility for Thunderbolt peripherals FREE delivery
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Lease the Caldigit Thunderbolt 4 Element Hub Docking Station for your business!

The Caldigit Thunderbolt 4 Element Hub Docking Station is compatible with the Thunderbolt 3, USB-C and USB-4.

This means that the Element Hub will adapt to the connected host computer to provide the features available to you, making the Element Hub an ideal solution for multi-workflow environments.

The docking station isn’t only for thunderbolt users. It is also for desktop users, including iMac and MacPro users.

Leasing this Caldigit Thunderbolt 4 Element Hub Docking Station gives you an ideal compatibility solution.


Docking StationCaldigit USB-C SOHO Dock
Caldigit Thunderbolt 4 Element Hub
Caldigit Thunderbolt Station 4
4K Screens Supported2 x 4K / 60Hz2 x 4K / 60Hz2 x 4K 60Hz
5K Screens Supported1 x 5K / 60Hz2 x 6K / 60Hz
8K Screens Supported1 x 8K / 60Hz1 x 8K / 60HZ
USB-C Power Delivery100w60w98w
USB-C33 x TB45
SD Card11
Price Per Week £0.85£2.40£3.95
USPPerfect for Home officeThunderbolt 4 HubTB4 with 18 Ports


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