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Microsoft Surface

Microsoft offer a wide variety of different devices within their Surface range. This guide breaks down the different options so you can choose the Surface device that’s right for you.

microsoft surface laptop 4

Surface Go 3 & 4

Microsoft Surface Go 3 and Surface Go 4 are 2-in-1 hybrid laptops. Surface Go is the lower priced, lower spec 2-in-1 option when it comes to the Surface range.

Smallest option. These are the most portable Microsoft laptops, as the screen size is only 10.5”.

Lower spec. While they do have lower specs than other Surface options, Surface Go’s still get the job done. It’s important to note that the Surface Go 3 is considered better performing than the Surface Go 4, and the Surface Go 4 is only available in business edition.

Surface pen compatible. Much like the Surface Pro 10, Surface Go 3 and 4 have Surface pen compatibility – though it’s worth noting that the Surface pen, as well as the Surface keyboard, are sold separately.

Surface Laptop 6

The Surface Laptop 6 is a traditional laptop – not a 2-in-1 option like the Surface Pro 10.

A well-rounded option. The Surface Laptop 6 is generally the better pick of the bunch for most people – the specs are reasonable, and not everyone needs both a laptop and a tablet in one.

Multiple size options. Surface Laptop 6 is available in two different screen sizes – 13” or 15” – meaning that it’s a good option both for those looking for portability, and for those looking to work on a larger screen.

surface laptop 6 above and side view
surface pro 10 side and front view

Surface Pro 10

The Surface Pro 10 is a 2-in-1 hybrid laptop. This means that it can function as both a laptop and a tablet, provided that the user has the detachable keyboard (which is sold separately).

Surface pen compatible. You can use a surface pen with this laptop, enabling you to take handwritten notes, or draw.

One size only. It’s important to note that the Surface Pro 10 is exclusively available in a 13” size. This makes it the more portable option compared to some of the other Surface models, however this may not be ideal if you are after a device with a larger screen.

More options with platinum. It’s worth noting that there are fewer spec variations for Surface Pro 10 when opting for a black device, and more options when choosing platinum.

Surface Laptop Studio 2

The Surface Laptop Studio 2 is another 2-in-1 laptop model. However, with the Surface Laptop Studio 2, the laptop has a keyboard attached to it, which can be folded away if the user desires to use the device as a tablet.

One size only. Of all the 2-in-1 Microsoft options, the Laptop Studio 2 features the largest screen, measuring at 14.4”.

Better graphics. This laptop has options for Intel Iris Xe Graphics, or a range of NVIDIA RTX graphic card options, which are considered better than the Intel UHD of Surface Go 4.

Heavier option. The better specs and larger screen do make the Surface Laptop Studio 2 a heavier option. The Surface Laptop Studio 2 weighs in at 1.8kg, meaning that it is probably not the most portable, especially when compared to other models within the Surface range.

surface laptop studio 2
surface studio 2 plus

Surface Studio 2+

Surface Studio 2+ is Microsoft’s desktop PC option. Like the Apple iMac, it has a connected base, meaning that it’s not very portable.

Large screen size. The Surface Studio 2+ has a 28” display, which can also be manoeuvred to be used as a drawing board due to its zero-gravity hinge.

Not for everyone. The Surface Studio 2+ is not ideal for on-the-go workers, but this desktop would, however, be an excellent choice for in-office creative professionals, due to its drawing board features and zero-gravity hinge.

Includes accessories. Another key difference between the Surface Studio 2+ and other models within this range is the fact that it comes with a surface pen, surface keyboard and surface mouse, for no extra cost.

Microsoft Surface Compared

Surface Go 3/4Surface Laptop 6Surface Pro 10Surface Laptop Studio 2Surface Studio 2+
Type of Laptop2-in-1Traditional laptop2-in-12-in-1Desktop
Screen Size10.5″13″ or 15″13″ 14.4″28″
Ideal UserStudentsMost professionalsProfessionals needing a well performing 2-in-1 deviceCreative professionalsCreative professionals / receptionists
Integrated KeyboardNoYesNoYes, but foldableNo
ProcessorGo 3 – i5
Go 4 – Intel N series
Intel Core Ultra 5
Intel Core Ultra 7
Intel Core Ultra 5
Intel Core Ultra 7
Price per Week (Flexi)From £4.95From £11.20From £10.95£19.85£42.45