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Cost effective, feature packed phone system in the Cloud

ringcentral phone system

From £6 per user per month inc Air Time

HardSoft have teamed up with RingCentral to put together a cloud business communications package that includes installation and 1000 call minutes per user per month together with iPhone/Android integration into the same system..

Cloud systems are undoubtedly the way forward. They are modern, helping to give your business a professional image. Online call management means one number can be used to reach anyone, anywhere. Use of just one number means it is easier for customers to get in contact. Moreover, if your business is on-the-go it doesn’t matter because calls can be streamlined to mobiles, meaning you don’t miss out on business opportunities. These few examples only skim the surface however. Let’s delve a little deeper into the advantages and fantastic features of RingCentral to give you a better idea of what it really can do for your business……………….. read more


Cisco Cius- A business iPad ?

Do you see the business benefits of giving your workforce a tablet; but are worried that they may spend more time on Angry Birds than pleasing customers? Well maybe the Cisco Cius is the true business alternative to the Apple iPad.Business iPad

The Cius is a 7” Android based tablet, featuring Wifi, 3G and Bluetooth provide mobility; however most tablets do these thing. However, the Cius also boasts; HD Video for presentations and video calls; the ability to join Webex; Instant message and also work as your handset within your Cisco Unified Communications telephone system (Also available on a HardSoft Flexi Lease here). In addition the Cius has 32GB of on board storage (which is expandable by a Micro SDHC slot), a 5 Mega Pixel Camera, a 2 Mega Pixel 720p video Camera and if coupled with the optional HD Media Station you can add gigabit Ethernet; three USB 2.0 ports and Display Port into the mix; creating its own desk based solution. The Cisco  Cius has been developed for business, Cisco has its own business app store and the employer has the ability to lock out any part of the tablet whether it’s the video camera, the SDHC slot or facebook, the Cius gives you complete control – unlike the Apple iPad. read more