Having trouble comparing 2 devices or need convincing for which one would best suit you? we put 2 devices Versus each other to find the best one. have a look at some of our product reviews where we list out all the pros and cons and specs of products we find to be in similar standings. We go through a detailed report on which device you should choose. Our reviews are not biased and focus on user-experience, hardware specs and aesthetics & feel!

Exchange vs. Office 365

7th July 2016

What email server software is running your business?? Thinking of making the jump to Microsoft Office 365? Is it the right choice for you though? Historically Microsoft Exchange Server  was the only option for your email. With the emergence of Office 365 in 2011 you can now opt to keep all of your data in […]

Surface Book vs. MacBook Pro

11th February 2016

The new Microsoft Surface Book is going to be released in the UK on the 18th February and we are now taking pre-orders. As always, we are taking the opportunity to compare it to the Apple equivalent, and the results are surprising. Where I would usually spend the next 500 or so words bashing Microsoft, […]

Apple iMac 5K vs Mac Pro Quad Core

7th April 2015

There’s a division of opinion on which Mac is best way to go for high level, fast processing in the graphics and video editing industries.  Our infographic outlines the clear differences between the two.     The iMac wins hands down on cost. It’s cheaper and includes the 5K Retina 27” Display.  However there’s always […]

HP Z1 vs iMac

21st February 2012

HP have unveiled a brand new All-in-One Graphics Workstation, set to rival the Apple iMac 27″. Many creative professionals seeking a very fast all –in –one PC have been using the i7-3.4GHz  iMac and installing Windows 7. Until now there is has been no serious PC alternative …… The HP Z1 is the world first […]

Sony Vaio vs. iMac

14th December 2011

..Have Sony finally manufactured an all-in-one PC to compete with the Apple  iMac ? The Sony Vaio L22Z1E certainly suggests so…. Boasting a huge 24” Full HD Touchscreen display with 3D compatibility (which the Apple iMac does not).  Combining the 3D and the Touchscreen, it will literally feel like you are inside of your computer […]

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