iPad Pro vs the Microsoft Surface Pro 4

13th October 2015
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Microsoft announced the arrival of the Surface Pro 4 yesterday, some feel as though this device is the rival to the iPad Pro.  Here is the low down on both, you can make up your own mind. As neither are available yet, this is how the two compare on paper. The iPad Pro will be available in November although a date is yet to be announced. The Surface Pro 4 will be available in the UK on the 12th November 2015.
The Surface Pro 4 is marginally smaller than the iPad Pro. The display of the Surface is 12.3 inches whereas the iPad Pro is 12.9 inches. The Surface Pro 4 is also slightly heavier, with it’s lightest model weighing 786gms vs the iPad Pros 712gms. The magnesium silver case on the Surface has not changed from the 3 and the iPad pros aluminum case will be offered in three colours, Silver, Gold and Space Gray.
The iPad pro has the largest display but the pixels per inch (ppi) is higher for the Surface, this is only very small so will not be noticeable. Apple use their retina display technology and Microsoft are using their pixel sense technology. In terms of graphics, Apple will probably be better, the Surface Pro 4 has Intel HD but the GPU on an iPad has always been efficient and will be more suited to gamers.
The Surface Pro 4 comes with Windows 10 loaded. It supports a wide range of Windows apps and also offers features like Windows Hello. The iPad Pro will NOT be running an OS but it has updated to iOS 9. The main difference is that it will enable the user to open two apps at once, making it far easier for the user to drag and drop between apps but will not be running as a full desktop.
Although the iPad Pro has the Cellular option, the Surface Pro 4 includes a USB 3.0 port, Mini display port and microSD card reader. iPad pro only has the lightening connector. There is also the option to buy a connector station for the Surface Pro 4 which offers a range of options to physically connect to it. Although, at around £130 it is a costly addition.

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The keyboard is available to buy separately for both, Apples Smart Keyboard is £110 and the Surface keyboard £129 for the updated backlit version and £159 for the one with fingerprint sensor. The Smart keyboard does not have a trackpad whereas the Surface Pro 4 keyboard has a trackpad 40% larger than the previous model. The iPad Pro has a pencil that can be purchased at an additional cost of £65 and does not attach. It can draw head on or tilted for different line effects. The Surface Pro 4 comes with a Pen as standard. It is magnetic and attaches to the device. The pen can also be erased, which the Apple pencil cannot.
Some might argue that the Surface Pro 4 is comparable to the Macbook Air as it has  a ‘proper’ OS, Microsoft also dropped in to their announcement that the Surface 4 is 50% faster than the Macbook Air. Even die hard Apple fans cannot ignore that the Microsoft is making a stand with the Surface Pro 4 and has managed to pack it with technology that the iPad Pro cannot compare to. Each tablet will have its own market, but where the creative professional may prefer the iPad Pro the business professional will be in need of what Surface Pro 4 has to offer.
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