Galaxy Book2 Pro 360 vs Microsoft Surface Laptop 4

21st July 2022
galaxy book2 vs surface laptop 4

Microsoft has enjoyed continued success in recent years with its line-up of Surface computers, which bring powerful specs to flexible and durable machines and appeal to professionals in a range of industries.

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With the latest iteration of Surface being the Surface Laptop 4, Microsoft finds itself in direct competition with Samsung’s Galaxy Book2 Pro 360.

These two machines are very similar in spec and price, so how do they stack up to one another in detail?

Look and feel

Samsung’s Galaxy Book is the lightest of the two machines, but both stand out with their sleek and sturdy builds. Each machine’s choice of colours – graphite, silver and burgundy for the Galaxy Book, with a wider range of colours available for the Surface – adds to the professional look and feel, and neither would look out of place in the office.


Samsung is a champion of AMOLED displays and that’s no different with the Galaxy Book2 Pro 360, which features extremely vibrant and accurate colours, in a glass-fronted touch-screen display. The Surface Laptop 4 also features a stylus-ready touch-screen display and is a higher resolution than the 1080p that Samsung offers. However, the contrast ratio and colour accuracy of AMOLED far outperforms the Surface’s PLS panel.

intel 12th gen logo


The newer Galaxy Book features the latest 12th Gen Intel processor while the Surface is still stuck with 11th Gen. The Samsung machine, therefore, benefits from increased power and efficiency and reportedly longer batter life. There is the option to equip the Surface with a Ryzen processor to increase its already decent battery life.

The Surface has double the storage than the Galaxy Book2 at 512GB, and you’ll have to purchase the i7 model of the Galaxy Book2 Pro 360 to acquire the same level of storage.


Again, with the Galaxy Book being the newer device in this comparison, it benefits from the inclusion of more modern technology standards such as WiFi 6 and Bluetooth 5. In terms of physical ports, included are two USB-C ports, Thunderbolt 4, a headphone socket and a microSD card reader.

With the Surface, it also features the most up-to-date technologies of Wifi 6 and Bluetooth 5 but features fewer ports, with single USB-C and USB-A ports, a headphone socket and a Surface Connect port instead of Thunderbolt 4. The inclusion of a USB-A port does mean there will be less use for dongles.

Ecosystem and peripherals

Samsung has ensured that the Galaxy Book2 Pro 360 works seamlessly with other Samsung devices via a single sign-on with a Samsung account. Top of the range accessories such as Galaxy Buds pair instantly to your device and the S Pen is an included add-on within the price of the Galaxy Book.

samsung galaxy book

On the Surface side, the family of computers are all designed to work with one another as well as other Windows Devices. The downside is that the accessories available for the Surface Laptop 4 – the Surface Dock and the Surface Pen – are both quite expensive add-ons.


With both devices running Windows 11, the software experience will be roughly the same. However, Samsung does offer its own batch of applications which includes Samsung Gallery, Notes and SmartThings, all of which sync with your other Galaxy devices.


Overall, the Galaxy Book2 Pro 360 offers faster performance, better battery life and a greater connectivity offering than the Surface Laptop 4. However, the Surface is slightly older and features a higher level of storage. With either device, both will be great additions to your office and daily workflows and can be easily acquired from HardSoft along with support and protection cover.