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Apps and websites recommended for teachers by teachers

At HardSoft we take pride in the close relationship we have with so many of our customers. By keeping in touch we are able to update and share information. This month we have been talking about which Apps and websites are working for you in class and here are the results.

Apps iPad leasingTED– This App is a personal favourite of mine and I always point it out when doing any iPad or tablet training. I have been advised on more than one occasion about TED-Ed. This is a web based platform which allows teachers to share lessons. TED-Ed Lessons worth sharing can be accessed via Safari. There are over 200,000 lessons which have been successfully shared so far… check it out!! read more


The evolution of animation

Talk of animation now and most people’s minds will go straight to a multi-million pound Pixar blockbuster, or at least a modern cartoon series like Family Guy or Adventure Time. In reality, though, this art form has a history stretching back more than 100 years, and it’s come a long way in that time.

From flipbooks and xerography to stop-motion clay and computer-generated imagery (CGI), the constant introduction of new technologies has always kept the animation industry moving forward, and the evolution continues today. read more


Swift Playground for your classroom

With the announcement of the new iOS 10 comes some exciting news for schools! Apple is releasing their own coding App! Swift Playgrounds is going to allow students to learn to code using Apples coding language Swift. Now, instead of needing a PC or Laptop as well as your iPads to learn to code, it can be done using your iPad. When iOS 10 is released in July you will be able to download Swift for FREE!

What is code? If you are not familiar with the term code, in its simplest form, code is the language used to make computer software and programs. It Swift App HardSoftis now part of the national curriculum that all students learn to code. read more


Why the ZBook is the Aston Martin of laptops

It’s not often IT equipment is likened to one of the finest cars ever manufactured, but if we were going to, then we’d have to hail the ZBook the Aston Martin of the laptop world. Not just a laptop, in fact, but a ‘mobile workstation’.

HP’s ZBook was launched in 2013 and has proved hugely popular with tech industry experts and consumers alike, receiving favourable reviews across the board. With unparalleled engine technology, good handling and smooth steering, we thought we’d take a look at the range WHILE channelling our inner Top Gear presenter. read more