Why Is Apple Business Leasing Easier With Hardsoft?

27th June 2022
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Leasing is an excellent way for businesses to acquire Apple computer hardware. While leasing computer equipment for the first time might be daunting, there are ways to ensure that it is smooth, simple, and highly advantageous for your business.

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Apple business leasing can be straightforward and headache-free if you choose an Apple specialist when shopping around for lease providers.

Apple Business Leasing Explained

Apple business leasing is a method for the acquisition of Apple products, such as iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks for use in a business setting.

With Apple business leasing, companies gain access to the latest Apple devices with less upfront cost and fewer operational burdens.

Should I Lease Or Buy Apple Products?

Whether you decide to lease or buy Apple devices for your company, you will end up with some fantastic hardware that will serve your employees well.

However, leasing Apple hardware comes with some clear benefits for companies

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  1. Support – When buying Apple devices, you have full responsibility for your new equipment. This includes managing the hardware when there are faults, learning to use the equipment, and disposing of it when it is no longer useful. This creates extra work for your business and productivity drops as your staff spend time managing these scenarios themselves. When you lease Apple hardware, your supplier can provide a package of extensive support. This can cover tech support, helping you understand how to use the new gear to its fullest, and recycling it for you when its use is complete. This helps your company save a lot of time and effort.

  2. Cost Spreading – Naturally, one of the biggest attractions to leasing computer equipment over buying is because of the cost. High-quality business-grade Apple products can be pricey, especially if you need to buy them in bulk. By choosing Apple business leasing instead, that cost is spread out into easily digestible and manageable monthly payments. As a result, your business has much better cashflow and can continue to invest in other projects.

  3. Less Obsoletion – While some lease structures help you work towards ownership, there are many different styles. Some leases have built-in upgrades, while others are more akin to temporarily renting the devices. In these scenarios, technology obsoletion is a thing of the past. Obsoletion is a big issue in the computer industry. As innovation moves so quickly, computers become obsolete relatively swiftly compared to several decades ago. This is a frustrating scenario when buying devices, especially considering that computer hardware is quite expensive. Normally, when you invest in a high-priced item, you expect it to last and remain useful for a long while. By leasing, you can ensure that you always have access to the most up-to-date technology.

  4. More Guidance – While many businesses focus on the cost spreading benefits of leasing, one of the major advantages is the additional guidance. If you select an Apple specialist as your lease provider, you will have far better advice on which devices will be right for you. Apple produces a huge range of products that all have different strengths. Some are more portable, more affordable, more energy efficient, and more powerful. A specialist in Apple business leasing can help you work out which devices will best serve your different employees while matching your budget.

Why Choose An Apple Office?

MacBook Air and iPhone 11

Apple’s technology is state-of-the-art and it’s no secret that MacBook, iPad and iPhone are especially popular in business settings. Apple has been honing its business models into an elite catalogue with something perfectly suited to almost every industry and role you can imagine.

Having an Apple office can actually make your staff happier. In fact, over 70% of those workers surveyed prefer Apple devices. Ease of use is often cited as the most common reason for this.

However, this isn’t the only reason that Apple is so popular in business. Apple technology is:

  • Highly energy efficient – Apple makes some of the most energy efficient devices. Their latest hardware has been outpacing competitors in terms of efficiency without sacrificing power and performance.

  • Greener – Since Apple is at the forefront of energy efficiency, your business isn’t simply saving money on the electric, and your employees are not only enjoying the freedom and portability of having to charge less. In addition to these fantastic benefits, more energy efficiency also translates to kinder to the environment.

  • Powerful – Apple has some truly powerful devices in their entourage that can easily keep up with the heavy demands of power-hungry industries. Programmers, game designers, FinTech creators, app makers, researchers, robotics, and manufacturing are all sectors with some pretty hefty power requirements when it comes to their computers. That is because they are often making their own technology and multitasking many energy draining programmes. MacBooks are able to deliver this power while using less energy resources and tend to be faster than their competitors as well.
  • Cyber secure – Apple has had a remarkable reputation for cyber security for many years. Time and again studies have shown that Apple products are far less susceptible to hacking and there are far fewer viruses created for MacBooks. Additionally, software like Jamf Protect can ensure extra layers of security for the most targeted industries using Apple. This is why Apple business leasing is so popular among industries like FinTech which are frequently over targeted for data breaches because of the sensitive credentials that they handle.
m1 pro and m1 Mac chips
  • M1, M1 Pro and M1 Max – While Apple was always well known for having high quality products that were powerful, green, and cyber secure, this has ballooned in significance recently. Apple tech has been making leaps and bounds with energy efficiency, power, and green credentials in the last couple of years thanks to their new M1 chips. Previously Apple had used Intel chips in their MacBooks, however, now they are back to making their own chip. The new M1 chips have proved revolutionary in the industry, particularly for speed.

Why Does Choosing An Apple Specialist Matter For Your Business Computer Hardware Lease?

As stated above, a lease can be beneficial over buying computer technology because of the added services. Strategic device support and tech support are only truly valuable if they come from an Apple specialist who understands the technology inside and out.

Simple Apple Business Leasing With Hardsoft

Evaluation – As Apple specialists, Hardsoft can carry out an in-depth assessment of your business. Following this we can advise which Apple computer equipment will be most beneficial for your staff, industry and business objectives.

Trial & Test – You can trial your suggested Apple tech for 72 hours for free before committing to leasing it. We are that confident in our Apple advice.

Apple Support – Hardsoft have over 35 years’ experience working with Apple and supplying their products for lease. We have experts who have been highly trained and received extensive certification specifically with Apple products. You won’t find better Apple tech support. Our team’s expertise includes working with the latest M1 chipped devices.

MacBook Pro on Flexi lease £12.65

Various Lease Styles – Hardsoft doesn’t have a one-size fits all policy with Apple business leasing. There are types of leases that can give you access to MacBooks, iPads, and iPhones. We can help you discover which will be most suitable for your company, goals, staff, and budget.

  • Apple DaaS – Receive access to strategic support and automatic upgrades to all the latest tech releases from Apple. You can also scale the size of your Apple lease as your company scales up and down. Add, swap or return devices as you require.

  • Apple Flexi-Lease – Work towards ownership of your Apple hardware on Flexi-Lease with options to continue, change or cancel your lease after 24 months.

  • Rent Apple Devices – Smaller businesses looking for the most affordable solutions can still get their hands on the very best Apple devices with Pure Rental. This allows you to rent Apple products and then return them at the end of your lease.

Apple Cyber Security – As specialists in Apple, Hardsoft can go further with cyber security. Apple devices are extremely secure by design, but some businesses need more. If you manage highly sensitive data, then you must be certain it is protected from breaches. Hardsoft can help install additional security like Jamf Protect and help you to tailor unique security solutions.

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Apple Consultancy Network – As members of The Apple Consultancy Network, our team have specific training and certification with Apple technology. Not only can our experts help you troubleshoot specific solutions on Apple technology, we can also liaise meetings with you and Apple directly.

Mix Apple and PC – Unlike many other Apple business leasing providers, Hardsoft can supply mixed offices. You can mix and match Apple and other products, such as computers from Microsoft, Samsung, HP, Dell, and Lenovo.

Efficient Leases – One of the biggest ways that Apple business leasing is easier with Hardsoft is because it is so efficient. We can have your lease contract drawn up and approved lightning-fast because we are our own finance firm; there’s no third party. We can install all your hardware or remotely configure and deploy your Apple hardware to your staff wherever they are in the country. This makes us the most straightforward, no fuss option for leasing Apple business hardware.