Understanding Role Privileges in Apple Business Manager

18th February 2021

The various role levels in Apple Business Manager make it simple for your workers to have the right permissions for their job. Understanding role privileges in the ABM portal will make it easy to give the right control to the right people. Having set up your company’s Apple IDs and assigned them to your employees, […]

Creating an Apple Business Manager Account

16th February 2021

If you’re a business who could benefit from more efficient deployment and management of your staff’s Apple hardware, then you have likely considered joining or upgrading to Apple Business Manager. Apple Business Manager helps businesses of various sizes seamlessly order and post new Apple devices to workers, including remote staff. The portal also allows mass […]

Why is Apple Associated with High Business Productivity?

10th February 2021

Apple continues to be heralded as the hardware of highly productive businesses. Staff productivity is one of the biggest impacts on business revenue. It is widely recognised that productive employees perform tasks more quickly and to a higher degree of quality. This frees up more time for additional tasks, making a company’s output greater. With […]

Budgeting for new IT in 2021 and what you should be investing

8th January 2020

We don’t feel the need to point out that 2020 was shaky for every business owner. It provided technology manufacturers and business owners with immense challenges. Whether it was about providing computers remotely to your employees so videoconferencing could be a thing, or creating online portals, 2020 has kept all of us busy. But now […]

Home user Freebies!

7th September 2016

If you are a home user looking for interest free credit on a Mac, HardSoft have some great Mac leasing offers for you. The finance can run over 6, 12 or 18 months and is cheaper than Apple Finance and PC World. Applying is quick and easy with almost instant decisions. As always, HardSoft are […]

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