What is next for handheld tech?

15th April 2020

It’s amazing to think the first iPhone was only launched in 2007. Since then, the hand-held tech and mobile industry has advanced leaps and bounds, and mobile phones are embedded in our lives more than ever before.  

Many industry experts have predicted that mobiles will become even more ingrained into our daily lives, with our lightweight and portable devices almost acting as a remote control for our existences. It’s believed mobile phones will essentially run our lives for us.  

We can’t know for sure where mobile phones and hand-held technology is heading, but we do predict rapid development that will be exciting for both manufacturers and consumers.  

Manufacturers are always making prototypes and creating concept phones to push boundaries and learn what is possible. These concepts and prototypes provide insight into how future mobiles may develop. With that in mind, we’re looking at some future smartphone predictions and what the mobile phone market may look like in years to come.

Flexible screens

Many companies have discussed foldable displays for some time now, but it finally seems like the idea has taken off. From the Samsung Galaxy Fold and the Huawei Mate X to the Motorola Razr and the Royole FlexiPai, more and more brands are jumping on this advancement in technology to win over customers and enter a new phase of smartphone design. There have been many foldable prototype devices released from a variety of brands, with many more big names like LG rumoured to be releasing their own version very soon.  

Although foldable screens sound exciting and extremely innovative, they’re not something we expect to take off instantly with customers. This will likely be a trend that will increase in popularity as the devices and technology improves.

Environmentally conscious phones

Many companies are making a big push to be more sustainable and conscious about how their business and products impact the environment. Researchers are starting to look into how smartphones can become more sustainable, with cleaner energy charging and biodegradable materials. For example, Kyocera showcased a solar-powered prototype at the Mobile World Congress trade show in 2016. The technology won’t be able to replace the need for a traditional wall charger any time soon, but who knows what the future for sustainable tech has in store.

Personal assistants

Our smartphones have already become an extension of ourselves, but it’s thought that handheld tech will become even more intuitive, making us even more attached to it. It’s now hard to imagine a world without mobile phones and the ultra-connected life they offer us in terms of video calls, managing our finances, online shopping, waking us up for work and so on. As this tech improves, our mobiles will start to become more like a personal assistant with enhanced voice recognition, face recognition and the connection they can have with other smart devices around our homes.

Outstanding graphic displays

Year upon year, we see the graphics capabilities of our smartphones improve. It’s predicted that in the future, our phones will have better graphics than the current PlayStation 4, and if the past five to 10 years in anything to go by, it wouldn’t surprise us.

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