Virtual Reality: How will it shape business in the future?

28th April 2021
Virtual Reality Picture with someone wearing a headset

Virtual reality has been a trending topic in the world of technology for a few years now and the buzz around it is only increasing. As tech improves and wearable devices become available to a wider audience, demand will ramp up and digital environments will change for both businesses and consumers.

What is VR?

Virtual Reality is an advanced technology that uses software to create an artificial environment. Users can immerse themselves in this environment and move around with the use of technology, such as a headset. In addition to VR, there is also Augmented Reality (AR), which is when digital overlays are integrated into a user’s environment in real-time.

What does VR mean for businesses going forward?

Currently, VR is making waves in the gaming industry, with a range of headsets available for avid gamers from brands such as Oculus and PlayStation. However, going forward, it’s thought many different industries will use VR as a means for entertainment and advertising.

Acting as a progressive and exciting extension to more traditional forms of entertainment and gaming, VR technology allows businesses to wow their audience and deliver more immersive experiences to help sell their products and services.

An example of an industry that will investigate the possibility of using VR is travel and tourism. With the ability to show customers virtual tours using 360 video techniques, it will allow them to feel like they are experiencing the full potential of a resort or location. Pictures and videos are great but being able to provide an honest representation of real-world travel will help to boost overall engagement and sales.

Another industry that is already exploring the use of VR is the automotive sector. When buying a new car, typically people will go to a showroom to see the interior of the car and to get a feel for its look and size. With VR, brands can create virtual showrooms which allow potential customers to customise cars and virtually step into the driver seat.

The use of VR is also being explored by the healthcare industry and has been adopted to help treat patients with anxiety disorders. They use this technology to get a better understanding of how they react to stress-inducing situations, whilst remaining in a safe environment. It’s thought it will progress further to support visual impairments using eye-tracking in the future.

Augmented reality for business use

AR is being used by many businesses in the home and DIY industries. This allows consumers to use their smartphones to virtually see a product in their homes and get a feel for its size and look. Industrial use is also on the rise, and in a 2019 report by VR Intelligence, it said 65% of the AR companies surveyed were working on industrial applications, whilst only 37% were working on consumer products and software.

The healthcare industry is also exploring the use of AR to help alert surgeons and nurses to risks with patients.

Is VR right for your business?  

Whilst VR and AR are starting to be integrated into several sectors and ways of working, whether it is beneficial for your business will come down to your digital strategies and target audience. It is predicted that the rate of businesses using VR will continue to grow as the technology becomes more affordable and easily accessible for users.

Here at Hardsoft, we’re passionate about the future of technology and excited about the impact VR can have on businesses.

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If you would like to find out more about VR for your business, or any other technologies, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our team of experts are on hand to answer any questions you may have.