MSI Laptops: We try and explain what is a very confusing range.

5th March 2019
Group standing and looking at laptop

The MSI laptop range isn’t the easiest to navigate, but we’ve given it a go!

From GT, to GS, to GE, and 63, 65, and 75, not to mention Raider, Stealth, and Titan, the MSI laptops range is certainly a challenge to get your head around.

Open front view of the MSI GE65 Stealth

MSI GS65 Stealth

The first thing to mention is that the 63, 65, and 75, denotes the screen size. 63 and 65 models have 15.6″ screens, while the 75s have 17.3″ screens.
There is no difference in screen quality, they all have 144MHz refresh rate which will give a really smooth gaming style experience, so it’s just the size that differs.

Open front view of the MSI GE63 Raider

MSI GE63 Raider

There is also no difference between them when it comes to RAM and processor, all featuring 16GB and i7 8th Gen CPUs, with the exception of the GT75 Titan which has the i9 Coffeelake CPU.

A major point of difference is storage. Notably, the Stealth models, both GS65 and GS75, only have SSD storage, whilst the Titan and Raider models all have SSD + hard drive storage. This will be down to the Stealth’s slim and light chassis, which is the cause of another difference to this model, the Max Q. The Max Q is a cooling system and Nvidia’s new solution for redesigning desktop graphics cards to be small enough to fit into slimmer machines. The Stealth is incredibly slim and stylish, which is, of course, its big selling point.

Front open view of the MSI Titan

MSI GT75 Titan

The Titans have RAID SSD’s which is 2 SSD’s configured virtually to act as one, giving you double the performance. The main thing to note with the Titan models is that, as the name suggests, they are a great deal heftier than the Stealth and Raider models, weighing in at heavy 4.56kg as opposed to the 2.2kg of the Raider and 1.8kg of the slimline Stealth. This is obviously a consideration if you’re looking for a laptop to use on the move.

Having spent several hours looking at all of these laptops and trying to pin down some specific comparisons for you, our conclusion is that this is still a very confusing range. That said, as a rule of thumb, if you’re looking for something light and sleek that is portable and offers great performance on the move, go for the Stealth. If size doesn’t matter and you need a powerhouse of a machine that can do everything you need it to, the Titan is the one for you. The Raider is a great performance with an affordable price tag, so perfect if you’re on a budget.

We have chosen four of the MSI laptops which are now available to lease on our website – the GE63 Raider, GE65 Stealth, GT75 Titan i7, and GT75 Titan i9 – if you’d like more information get in touch with our sales team by calling 020 7111 1643, emailing, or using the web chat on the website.