How is Thunderbolt 4 Technology Different from Thunderbolt 3?

4th December 2020
Thunderbolt 4 lead on a blue background

Although Thunderbolt 4 is the latest version of the Thunderbolt technology, it is arguably more of (marketing) evolution than a revolution! The TB4 spec is the same as the TB3 spec* but it required that the PC vendors meet a minimum spec/criteria in their TB ports. For example, Lenovo often referred to TB3 ports in their spec, even though the port only supported 20Gbps transfer speed and a single 4K display (instead of 40 Gbps & 2x 4K displays). Disappointed customers were quick to blame the accessory vendor rather than their notebook – TB4 will prevent that happening, as the standard / basic spec has been improved.

Thunderbolt 4’s biggest boast is it’s 40 Gbps connection and claims that it is “redefining the modern workspace with new features. It’s going to be integrated with Intel’s new line of CPU’s. So, what’s so great about it? The thunderbolt 4, when placed into a compact doc is certainly a game changer for simplicity and performance. It comes with a single 40 Gbps connector to your PC, a USB port for a wireless mouse and keyboard and (for the first time) three thunderbolt 4 downstream ports which will allow really good accessibility to all of your devices with the new multiport architecture.

With a modern PC workspace you’re going to need an item like the compact doc in order to keep everything organized. The worst desks are the messy ones covered in wires that you barely know what to do with. The Thunderbolt 4 can help with this! With most modern computers, you won’t even need a charger, since you can use the ports within the Thunderbolt Doc. Whether your a digital artist, data analyst, twitch streamer or a professional who needs quite a few screens in front of you at once, the Thunderbolt 4 could be considered a modern essential item for your workspace.

You can guarantee these connections are going to be reliable and viable because all Thunderbolt products are certified. This will give you the confidence you need when purchasing new devices.

There is also the Thunderbolt SSD available with read speeds that hit up to 3000mbps. For reference, you’d be able to transfer nearly an hours worth of video in around ten seconds whilst still being connected to multiple 4K monitors. This is an incredibly essential piece of kit if you’re a PC user who is often moving around large files.

There are plenty of reasons to upgrade yourself to a Thunderbolt 4 device. Whether you’re an everyday professional looking for setup simplicity or a creator/gamer looking for the best performance and cleanest desktop. This is the item for you. To find out more about Thunderbolt 4 devices, contact the HardSoft team on 020 7111 1643 or email