How do you measure the size of your laptop?

30th December 2021
how to measure the size of a laptop

Thanks to advances in technology laptops are more sophisticated than ever before. As a result, they are used across a diverse range of working landscapes to complete a variety of different tasks.

Of course, one of the main advantages of laptops is that you can use them on the go, meaning you can catch up on work on your morning commute, take your laptop overseas for work purposes, and use it to work from home.

thin Samsung laptop like PC

In order to ensure that your laptop always remains safe and sound as you move from A to B, it’s advisable to invest in a strong and durable laptop case.

However, because laptops come in all different shapes and sizes, it can often be difficult to find the perfect case for your laptop, so make sure you measure your laptop accurately before you start looking.

Here’s our guide to measuring the size of your laptop.

Measure diagonally

First and foremost, start by measuring your laptop screen diagonally, from edge to edge. It’s important you obtain accurate measurements in order to gain an idea of your laptop’s true inch size.

Measure the height and width

Next measure the height and width.

To effectively measure the height and width of your laptop, you should make sure that it is closed for optimum accuracy. Once you have closed your laptop, place your measuring tape from the top to the bottom of your laptop to measure the height. Always place the end of your measuring tape on a flat surface and measure upwards vertically.

When measuring the width, place the tape measure across the laptop, from the left to right.

Measure the depth

Finally, measure the depth of your laptop. This is particularly important if you laptop is slightly older and chunkier than newer models.

Laptop Cases

Put your laptop on a flat surface, and put the end of your measuring tape at the bottom of it. Then, measure vertically upwards. When choosing a bag or sleeve, ensure there is at least an additional half an inch on your laptop depth to ensure the best fit and protection.

Finding the perfect fit

Once you have your measurements and you are sure that they are accurate, you can get to work looking for the perfect laptop case or bag. There are lots of different styles, designs and colours to choose from.

However, before you purchase your laptop case, you should check the size in the product description to ensure that it fits. Keep in mind that different bags have device compartments in different orientations.

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