Gaming tech trends for 2021 and beyond

6th April 2021
Gaming tech trends for 2021 and beyond

The gaming industry is constantly evolving, and game developers are always looking to innovate and improve the overall experience across various platforms. Whether you’re a game developer, professional gamer, or just play more casually, gaming tech is exciting and 2021 is set to be another major year for the industry.

With increasing competition in the industry and all components at the best they have ever been, we’re looking at the gaming tech trends for 2021 and beyond.

Virtual reality (VR)

Virtual reality (VR) already exists within the gaming industry, however, it’s still in its infancy. With current tech, the level of immersion leaves a lot of room for improvement and the hardware is still costly. It is forecasted that virtual reality headsets will be developed and become more affordable to reach a wider audience of gamers. Not only that, with the combination of VR and photorealistic graphics, it is likely VR will become more mainstream for technology brands, who will use this for marketing campaigns and store experiences.

Improved graphics

Graphics are continuously improving, and developers are now able to completely digitise people to transfer real-life expressions and movements. The finer details are crisp and what you see on the screen is more realistic than before, allowing gamers to experience games on a different emotional level.

Shorter loading speeds

Over the past few years, SSDs have become more affordable, and this year we have the introduction of PCIe 4.0, which will increase the speed and efficiency of games. The most demanding of games will see huge improvements and dramatically shorter load times, which is especially important for those games that frequently load new areas. With an SSD, games can function smoothly and will prevent any interruption to the overall flow.

Cloud gaming

Cloud gaming is not a completely new idea, but it’s something that we will see more in the gaming industry going foward. A couple of years ago, Google announced their cloud-based gaming platform, Stadia, which is a streaming platform for games. This means users with low-performance PCs will be able to play the latest games in the cloud, where they will run on high-performance servers across the world and always be up-to-date.

Face and voice recognition

Although this technology already exists across several sectors, facial recognition is predicted to develop in gaming tech and allow users to use their appearance to create characters of themselves within their favourite games. Voice recognition will also improve and develop to allow gamers to control gameplay using their voice.

Improved wireless peripherals

Wireless keyboards and mice used to be less responsive and competitive gamers often found them unreliable due to a slight delay. However, wireless peripherals have hugely improved and are set to be popular this year, resulting in improved setups for developers and gamers alike.

High refresh screens

High refresh rate, high resolution monitors are becoming more affordable this year to provide amazing visuals and smoother game play to a wider audience. With one of the best graphics cards that can handle 1440p and beyond, a high refresh, high-res screen can improve the clarity of graphics and colour reproduction, making overall game experiences far superior.

Has COVID-19 effected gaming tech for 2021?

From a production point of view, the pandemic has caused temporary delays in the production of new hardware, especially with graphics cards. Combined with the increased number of people gaming due to spending more time at home, it has highlighted that hardware and software development processes need to improve to keep up with demand.

With the improvement of technologies and the growing demand for photorealistic graphics, 3D virtual reality and games as a service, the future of the gaming industry will only continue to grow and innovate.

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