What is Android zero-touch?

22nd June 2022
phones on android zero touch

Androids are developed by Google and well known Android manufacturers are Samsung, Motorola, Acer, Sony, LG and HTC.   

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The zero-touch enrollment enables businesses to give out corporate-owned devices in masses without manually setting up each device. It creates a seamless deployment method for business owned devices to be deployed on a large-scale quickly and effortlessly. It makes it easy to configure devices online and have them shipped so employees can get started straight away with their devices already set up. Zero-touch networks will adjust themselves from signals (that come from the data they’ve collected) and will analyse all the network activity.

Setting up Android zero-touch

HardSoft is an authorised zero-touch reseller and can assist.  If your company wants to use Android zero-touch to set up devices remotely and deploy them to your employee and make it easy to set up your devices. You need to lease the devices you want to deploy from HardSoft and then you should assign the devices you’ve purchased to the users. You should then edit your enterprise mobility management (EMM) which is a set of technological policies that manage and secure employee-owned devices within your company. You want to edit your EMM to suit your company and its needs. Then the devices you have leased should automatically adjust to fit with your EMM. Then when the device is turned on the technological policies should’ve been applied.

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Android zero-touch has multiple benefits. It allows your company to manage multiple devices at one time and enforces security to protect your company. It makes it easy for you to grow your business by enabling you to add employees quickly without any hassle or stress. It also gives you the ability to wipe your devices or remove employees from them remotely without all the fuss. Plus it increases productivity by removing apps and restricting certain websites from your employees which creates a more focused work environment for your business. By organising your company’s devices remotely you are able to ship them anywhere ready to be used by the user straight away. So the user can work from anywhere at any time. By using Android zero-touch you are able to manage the devices no matter where you are so if you want to configure a device that is in a different country you are able to do so quickly and efficiently. 

The risk of your company’s data being misused or stolen grows bigger everyday but by using zero-touch this risk is greatly reduced because zero-touch makes your data secure. Your data is much safer because zero-touch removes access from others faster and more efficiently which reduces the time for people to steal or misuse your company’s data. 

Apple Business Manager

By using zero-touch you are removing the several hours of work it takes to manually set up a device and the hours it takes to wipe the device once the user has finished it. This is because zero-touch is more efficient and organised. Also with zero-touch you don’t need to connect a device to another to set it up. You can set it up remotely which means you can work from anywhere at any time.

Apple products don’t use Android zero-touch instead they use Apple Business Manager. HardSoft can provide Apple Business Manager for Apple devices.