How to Create and Manage an Office 365 Mailbox/Email Address

12th August 2020
Microsoft 365 logo on a blue background

If you are utilising Microsoft Office 365 and would like to manage or create a new email address, please follow the below instructions to do this in the Microsoft Office 365 admin centre.

(you can always request these details by emailing

  • Once signed in select the Admin icon to open the Admin control panel
  • Select Users , Active Users on the left as image below
  • From here you can add or delete a user/mailbox
  • You can also select an existing user and choose to reset the password, block the user from signing in and add or remove a licence.

To create a new user you will need to have a spare licence available if additional licences are required please request by emailing

Once you have selected Add User, fill in all the users’ details and follow the menu.

Once created it will display the password and ask if you would like the password sent to another email address for safekeeping.

If you need more help creating and managing an Office 365 mailbox or email address, give our technical support experts a call on 020 7111 1643 or log a support ticket here