How to add users on an On-Premise Server for your Networked PCs

12th August 2020
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If you have a physical server in your office then this controls your networked computers. 

You can follow the instructions below to create or amend your user accounts.

  • Log into the physical server desktop but entering the Administrator credentials
    (we can create you a remote shortcut if required)
  • Choose Start→ Administrative Tools → Active Directory Users and Computers. You also have a shortcut on the desktop.

This command fires up the Active Directory Users and Computers management console.

Adding users to networked servers popup 1
  • Right-click the domain that you want to add the user to and then choose New →User from the menu.
  • Enter the user’s first name, middle initial, and last name.

As you fill in these fields, the New Object Wizard automatically fills in the Full Name field.

  • Change the Full Name field if you want it to appear different from what the wizard proposes.

You may want to reverse the first and last names so the last name appears first, for example.

  • Enter the user logon name.

This name must be unique within the domain. (Don’t worry, if you try to use a name that isn’t unique, you’ll get an error message.)

Try using firstname.Lastname

Adding users to networked servers popup 2
  • Click Next.

The second page of the New Object – User Wizard appears.

  • Enter the password twice.

You’re asked to enter the password and then confirm it, so type it correctly. If you don’t enter it identically in both boxes, you’re asked to correct your mistake.

  • Specify the password options that you want to apply.

The following password options are available:

  • User Must Change Password at Next Logon
  • User Cannot Change Password
  • Password Never Expires
  • Account Is Disabled

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