Accidental Damage Protection For Mac / PC Devices Explained

30th March 2021
Accident occuring with liquid spilling onto laptop with dog in background

Our Accidental Damage protection keeps you covered for any accidents that are sudden or unexpected to your devices.

Your Apple device is protected with free accidental damage cover; this service is also available for Windows / PC devices for a small extra cost.

What our accidental damage covers?
What our accidental damage does not cover?

What does our accidental damage cover?

This includes, for example, dropping your Dell / Mac device and it resulting to a smashed or cracked screen, or spilling your drink onto your device.

It’s no shock that leasing gives businesses the option to spread the cost of their IT equipment, but HardSoft ensures our customers benefit from our service and support wrapper; Including brand new equipment delivered the next day, on and off site technical support from our highly trained team of engineers and technicians, and access to an equivalent loan machine should yours need repairing or replacing.

Does Warranty cover accidental damage?

All HardSoft Solutions include our 3-year ‘No Quibble’ Warranty with a loan unit should yours fail. However, we want to go beyond. That’s why we offer Accidental Damage Free for Apple & Costing £1.20 per week for Windows / PC devices. So whatever device you lease. We have you covered.

What does our accidental damage NOT cover?

  • Deliberate Damage
  • Scratches (Unless it has been dropped and has deep scratches because of this)
  • General wear and tear

Claims Process Explained

If you have any claims you wish to process, please contact and they will be able to help further with your claim.

Please Note there is a maximum claim under this cover of once per year per device. There is an excess to pay of £29 per claim. This Cover is NOT Insurance Against Lost and Theft. If you want to see the full terms please contact us at

NB Insurance Against Loss & Theft – IS NOT INCLUDED There is a term/clause within your lease that requires the equipment to be insured against loss. If you’re unable to provide details or proof of your own insurance specifically for your new equipment, then your payments may be increased to add an “Asset Protection Fee” (Insurance) to the lease. You can forward to us your own insurance policy documents and we will forward these on so there are no additional charges made.