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Cloud Server vs Your Own Server

Cloud computing is becoming more and more common place as time goes on but is it really the best solution for hosting your data and all of your needs when it comes to storage and should you retire your old Server for the new Cloud options ?

lease a new server before your server diesSomething that is still an issue in the UK is our fairly outdated Broadband  infrastructure and one of the Key things to remember is that if there is no internet there is no data. Slow speeds means slow access to your data. Even at one of our offices in Shoreditch the speed is a maximum of 16GB. And that is in the heart of what is so-call TechCity. This reason alone almost seems to end the argument for Cloud Computing, but what would be the best solution for a small to medium business when there are so many options available. read more


Ways to disaster protect your business

In the world of big business, disaster recovery and business continuity are of the most paramount importance with companies spending millions on solutions to keep their staff, departments and business working no matterleasing a server gives disaster recovery options what happens.  However for smaller businesses disaster recovery and business continuity can take a back seat due to time and monetary constraints leaving the door open to costly and damaging IT disaster.  In this guide I will be giving you a few ways of quickly and easily providing protection for your business, without spending great deals of money……..though if you were to lease one of our PC or Mac Networks then all these are included. read more


Time for a Server ?

If you a Mac user or a PC business user then we all tend to start with 2 or 3 computers then add a few more and very quickly you  have a small network running. However by the time you are at 5 or 6 computers you really must consider the benefits of adding a dedicated Server to the business. This though in these difficult times can be considered a luxury and just another expense but with HardSoft Computers our flexible leasing scheme makes it cheaper, and easier, than you think.

Its a fact that there are actually less Servers being used in small business today than a year ago. It’s not that business hp proliant server leasing from a preferred partner doesn’t need them its just that they’ve become too unafordable in the recession.As a small business expands there are considerations ……. Is my data backed up? Are emails safe? Can I monitor my employees ?  Can I block sites in certain hours? If you answer NO to any of these then now’s the time to get a dedicated Network Server. Usually cost is the normal barrier to an SME getting a network server but at HardSoft we offer the range of HP Proliant Servers on lease for just £ 18 a week or the Apple Mac mini Sever for just £7.80 a week on our flexible leasing scheme.Can I get Support ? Is it actually affordable ? leasing has the answer. read more


Lease your next Server

…Established over 25 years ago leasing PC’s from Amstrad, at HardSoft Computers we have established ourselves as the leading PC leasing company. With expert technicians fully trained with Microsoft Small Business Server 2011 and the new Microsoft Windows Server 2012 software we can offer a comprehensive 5 User SBS Network Package for £43 a week on a three year flexible lease- with a choice of support an installation options. In fact we are installing four or five of these a week with engineers covering the UK. read more