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FREE Mac Pro RAID upgrade

Worth £584 as an option for Apple Mac Pro’s is the RAID card. This allows up to four hard drives to be configured into a RAID 5 array which allows faster data access times and redundancy against failiure. A hard drive can fail without data loss and can be changed on the fly.  Supporting SATA and SAS drives at different speeds this is is the option for high end data users for speed and business continuity. HardSoft offer choice of hard drives from various manufacturers including the Western Digital VelociRaptor. All can be configured as part of our flexible leasing options over two or three years that include warranty and support. read more


New MacBook Air !

Apple last night announced, finally a new MacBook Air , which Steve Jobs believes is the ‘future of all laptops’ . Now available in a 11″ and 13″ option . 11″ weighs just over 1KG.

Big news is that there is no traditional hard drive and uses Flash Ram which is twice as fast as a hard drive. Capacity though is lower than a normal hdd. This technology is the same as the iPad and also allows a ‘instant on’ laptop. Still no Optical drive but it does have 2 X USB ports. The 13 ” has an SD slot.  HardSoft will be featuring 4GB Ram as standard across the range though the standard is 2GB. These are available to lease from today with delivery in 2-3 days. read more