they maybe more expensive but there are numerous reasons that your next computer should be an Apple Mac…and a few negatives !get a mac rather than a pc

1. Value for Money A Mac might never be the cheapest option when choosing a computer system but then neither is a Ferrari, Mercedes, or a BMW when it comes to selecting your new car. But does that stop these motors from whooshing out the door? No; far from it. They are sought and bought by millions of discerning customers – people just like you. Why? They are desirable, beautifully engineered, packed with the latest technology, efficient, fast, powerful, cool, sleek and sexy. So, when you want the Rolls Royce of computers, you choose a Mac – for all the same reasons. It’s that simple. The bottom line isn’t then all about the cost but more to do with what you get for your money. Unlike a PC your Mac will still be worth several hundred pounds after years of service.  read more