The new KT-32 charging cabinet has been developed in conjunction with Schools to create a mobile, secure and sleek solution. Due to the compact size and robust casters, it has fluid movement which can be applied by one person. It holds up to 32 iPads or 16 PC Laptops. This is ideal for storage of a class set of iPads.

Available as either Charge only unit or a Charge and Sync version using technology from Cambrionix, who supply to all Apple Stores.KT-32 Charge & Store trolleys will allow you to charge all of your iPads at the same time. Ideal for charging over night to use in your workplace setting all day the next day. The KT-32 Charge & Sync Trolley, can charge your iPads as well as enable you to sync them simultaneously. Using the Apple Configurator sync application you can download and update software and apps quickly and efficiently. This function also enables the IT Manager to control which apps are downloaded and reset them to their preferred settings each time they are plugged in. For schools, this is invaluable to keep control over the apps in a more challenging scenario. read more