19th April 2020
eDrawings Logo in green and grey writing

What are eDrawings?

eDrawings is a universal file format, almost like a CAD communication tool that allows users to share their 3D models and 2D CAD drawings. What makes eDrawings effective its availability to a large range of users as it supports a large range of different 3D model files, and also noticeably compressive the size of 3D CAD files so that they can be emailed. Sharing and viewing eDrawings is done using eDrawing publisher and eDrawing viewer:

  • eDrawings publisher will produce a lightweight, compressed eDrawing, that can be sent by email.
  • Using edrawings viewer, files that have been published using eDrawings publisher. It which comes built-in a functionality that allows users to view and interact with the model,

eDrawings also includes a more in-depth version known as eDrawings professional that includes improved functionality allowing users to interact with models with more advanced functions.

Have a play with eDrawings!

Have a go at using the benefits of eDrawings for yourself. Below is a model of Ball Bearing that i made. You can see below that by simply embedding the eDrawings on to this web page you are able to interact with the model in a 3D space, and view all the individual components of the components that were made in SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD.

Move your mouse over my iPhone 11 Pro Max ! Spin it !

eDrawings benefits

eDrawings allows many users who don’t have access to 3D CAD models (made from software such as SOLIDWORKS) to view and interact with the model. It is available on a large platform of devices including Windows, Android, iPhone, and MAC. Although eDrawings hide the features of the model, models still retain their mass properties allowing users who are viewing the software to take measurements. eDrawings also comes with functionality for those that are not used to viewing these types of files, with functions such as the 3D pointer which links all drawings in drawing view. Files can also be saved in a multitude of file types such as STL, TIFF, JPEG, or BMP formats.

eDrawings Viewer vs eDrawings Professional

If you want to actually edit a Drawing then you need to pay for eDrawings Professional. You then gain access to a much more in-depth tool. One that you can express Design intent with CAD files, especially SOLIDWORKS eDrawings, such as:

  • Move Components and Explode Views: Take interaction a step further by moving components and viewing pre defined exploded views in assembly eDrawings files (EASM file).
  • Dynamic Cross Sectioning: Dynamically move a crosse sectioning plane, to see the interior working of a component hidden by the view.
  • Play SOLIDWORKS Animations: eDrawings professional allows users to view pre-made animations that were created using SOLIDWORKS to help express design intent and/or assembly instructions with EASM file.
  • Rich eDrawings API: Enables you to customize your eDrawing files, so that they can be used as interactive web content.
  • Augmented Reality: Use virtual reality to view eDrawings files in a real-life setting
  • View Mass Properties: Allows users to view the physical attributes of a part, such as density, volume, and weight.
  • Extensive CAD Product Support: Supports the creation of eDrawings from SOLIDWORKS, AutoCAD, Inventor, Pro/ENGINEER, CATIA V5, SIEMENS NX, Solid Edge, PTC Creo software, and SketchUp.

Worry not though, not all users in an organization need to have eDrawings professional in order to use its advanced feature. Any user with a standard eDrawings viewer can use the above function, as long as it was published by a user with eDrawings professional.

eDrawings price

eDrawing is easy to implement as you can get eDrawings free. This means you can get eDrawings viewer free and eDrawings publisher free. Both the large range of devices it is available on and free pricing makes it an invaluable tool that can easily be implemented through a company as a means for non-SOLIDWORKS users to interact with products. The eDrawings Download is included as a free extra product whenever you download SOLIDWORKS, or can be downloaded for free separately.