SOLIDWORKS DraftSight software explained

15th May 2020

A drill down into what DraftSight is and the differences between different versions

SOLIDWORKS Draftsight is a professional-grade 2D CAD design and drafting solution, that provides Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC) providers, as well as professional CAD users, designers, educators, and hobbyists with a robust and easy to learn 2D CAD solution. DraftSight lets users create, edit, view and mark up any kind of 2D drawing, and has a familiar User Interface (UI) that facilitates a quick transition from a user’s current CAD application.

Versions of DraftSight

As SOLIDWORKS DraftSight is always evolving and improving, SOLIDWORKS DraftSight releases a new version every year, with the most current version being DraftSight 2019, with the Official version of DraftSight 2020 targeted to be released in spring 2020.

SOLIDWORKS DraftSight comes in 4 different packages to ensure that users use a product that best suits their needs. these can be seen below;

DraftSight Standard DraftSight Proffesional DraftSight Premium (includes 3D)DraftSight Enterprise & Enterprise Plus
What’s included …Includes all the essential 2D CAD drafting tools, with an easy to learn interface users experienced drafters will be familiar withIncludes advanced time saving functions, and customisation feature, with API functionality, to further decrease design time.The same Advanced drafting package, with full 3D CAD modelling functionality The same comprehensive 2D Drafting and 3D that includes full technical support and Network licensing capabilities
Ideal user…Ideal for individuals, students, educators and hobbyistIdeal for individuals as well as companies.Ideal for individuals, companies, manufactures and makers.Ideal for large companies, especially does with multiple sites.


SOLIDWORKS DraftSight allows users to maintain 2D legacy data, support traditional 2D manufactures, comply with users developing schematics and mark up existing 2D drawings. All draftsight versions allow users to:

  • Create, edit, interact and mark any type of 2D drafting file, including legacy 2D CAD data, While making time savings on editing/creating with powerful capabilities.
  • Large range of different packages that will allow for all users, from hobbyist to large scale companies, to use while saving large amounts compared to other CAD packages
  • Due to the low learning curve of the software, it can quickly be implemented by all new users.
  • Customize and automate your systems with macros and API’s
  • Deploy and manage Network licenses, in order to optimize large company workflow.
  • Access to full technical support in order to assist with workflow


As a whole package, SOLIDWORKS DraftSight not only has capabilities for both basic and advanced drawings but can offer advanced customization and automation through API’s, 3D modeling features and Networking, particularly useful in large organizations. A full breakdown of DraftSights capabilities can be seen below:

  • Essential 2D drafting: DraftSight enables users to perform the crucial core components of 2D drawing, such as the generation of common elements (such as Lines, Polylines, Circles, arcs ellipses, tables, hatches, and clouds), the ability to modify existing entities/elements (common features include move, copy, rotate, pattern, scale, chamfer, bend, and split). Entities can also be measured to ensure accuracy and annotated for use. Drawing sheets generated, can also be customized and saved so that they are unique to the company.
  • Advanced 2D drafting: DraftSight also allows users to implement more advanced tools for their drawing needs. Examples of this include, time-saving tools (such as Drawing Compare, Power Trim, Insert Centerlines command, Pattern Along a Path, Curved Text, Batch Printing) and more powerful time-saving functionality with the image tracer function which can convert images (such as floor plans) into drawing entities. Other Powerful time-saving functionality, is the inclusion of Toolbox, a standard hardware library that contains many of the industry-standard components (such as screws, bolts, nuts, washers, etc).
  • API’s for customization: Users can speed up their design and production time by using API’s for customization and automation
  • Robust 3D design and powerful integrations: DraftSight can also be made available with powerful 3d modelling functionality. Similar to SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD, sketches can be turned into 3D geometry and surfaces, defined parametrically with powerful 2D constraints. These can also be linked with other SOLIDWORKS applications such as SOLIDWORKS Visualize and SOLIDWORKS Simulation.
  • Support: Using DraftSight, Users can set up a network license across an organization to enable a smoother workflow across organizations.
  • Networking: Users also have access to technical support, to resolve any and all issues, and minimize downtime.

To see DraftSight cost and to purchase, visit the official DraftSight page in order to view products. Click on these links to see the DraftSight Standard, DraftSight Professional and DraftSight Premium for ordering on the official website, Click here to enquire about Enterprise.