All the FAQs you need to know about SOLIDWORKS by SOLIDPLANS at HardSoft

25th November 2019
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SOLIDWORKS is such a powerful tool, with seemingly endless capabilities, it’s natural that there will be some questions concerning the software.

Here are some of those FAQs:


We offer all versions of SOLIDWORKS applications. Primarily 3 types of SOLIDWORKS applications, these are SOLIDWORKS 3d CAD a powerful 3D modelling software, SOLIDWORKS Simulation, which is capable of running advance virtual simulations for real world applications and SOLIDWORKS visualize, used to create photorealistic images and animations of CAD models. They are available in the following versions:

  • SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD Standard,  SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD Professional, SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD premium
  • SOLIDWORKS Simulation Standard,  SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional, SOLIDWORKS Simulation premium
  • SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard,  SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional
SolidWorks Software download

Full price listing and their differences can be found at:

In addition to the software there is also an option for an active user subscription. This gives users access to all SOLIDWORKS updates, including new versions, as well as technical support with all queries and issues with our team of experts. Updates can be found within SOLIDWORKS under “Help -> Check for updates”.

Installation and licensing

SOLIDWORKS requires a license to use (even if the software has been installed) there are 2 types of licenses available to users:

  • Single license: This is tied to a one machine at a time and while it does require internet connection and an email address upon activation, which is done so at first activation, after which it can be used freely (can be deactivated to install on another machine)
  • Network license: This is where a license server, which can store multiple licenses, is configured to distribute licenses to client machines, enabling user to temporarily “pull” a license from the server to the user’s machine.

Downloading SOLIDWORKS can be initiated by either a CD or online download, in both an installation manager is used. As you progress with the installation, the installation manager will list all SOLIDWORKS products and ask for a corresponding serial number for to continue the installation, to ensure entitlement to whichever version of SOLIDWORKS you have purchased. After which following the instruction of the installation manager and a reboot after will install SOLIDWORKS ready for use.

A breakdown of SOLIDWORKS hardware requirements can be found here:

Another common question is if SOLIDWORKS can be run on a mac. SOLIDWORKS does not support mac and so running SOLIDWORKS on a mac can mean making compromises on speed, functionality, and stability. However SOLIDWORKS can be run on a mac when using a suitable graphics card and/or the operating system of a mac is changed. This can be done either through a boot camp, or Parallels is installed on your mac. 

However, we have tested running 3D experience on an iMac Pro and found positive results. This is due to 3D experience being run on a virtual machine, meaning that it is only reliant on the Macs graphics card. When tested we found good functionality with 3D experience and the iMac Pro, and this is expected to improve as 3D experience is developed.

Training and certification

SOLIDWORKS have a certification program which is the only industry recognised SOLIDWORKS accreditation system that test user’s ability to effectively use SOLIDWORKS. SOLIDWORKS offer exams and accreditation on all aspects of software functions, common examples are the CSWA (Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate) and CSWP (Certified SOLIDWORKS professional). SOLIDWORKS offers a variety of resources to users to improve and learn how to use all of the functions of SOLIDWORKS, these include E-courses, tutorials a classroom training courses.

How can I troubleshoot my SOLIDWORKS?

This can be done through the use of SOLIDWORKS RX. SOLIDWORKS RX is a tool that allows users to run diagnostics on their SOLIDWORKS, video record issues, benchmark your version of SOLIDWORKS and asses unexpected issues such as unexpected termination. It can be open from within SOLIDWORKS or the window start bar. Another tool for troubleshooting SOLIDWORKS are installation logs. Installation logs may be requested if there is an issue with a SOLIDWORKS installation, as these logs assist in determining the corrective actions required for an installation to proceed. These logs can be found in the app data (TypicallyC:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\SOLIDWORKS\Installation Logs).

If you’d like to talk to our SOLIDPLANS team give them a call on 020 7111 1643, email, or visit the SOLIDWORKS section on our website.