3D Connexion Space Mouse for Solidworks

27th December 2019
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The SpaceMouse Enterprise is a new peripheral tool created by computer programmers, that gives users the ability to control three-dimensional objects with the ultimate level of control. This product has been built with top engineering performance in mind, and has been created to include requested new features. By building on the past, engineers are aiming to reinvent the future of design by facilitating the ability to model 3D designs quickly and effectively.

SpaceMouse Enterprise front view
SpaceMouse Enterprise

It is now easier than it has ever been to view 3D models that you have created due to the SpaceMouse Enterprise’s 6-Degrees-of-Freedom sensor and instant access to Standard and Custom Views. The new features create a smooth and intuitive 3D navigation experience by mimicking natural movements in manipulating three-dimensional objects on a screen. The device provides synergy two handed power when paired with a CadMouse and CadMouse Pad as it smoothly positions your object or view, while the CadMouse selects and creates with ease.

The new device and software provide you with easier access to application functions that include any SOLIDWORKS function or macro. This combined with 3DxWare 10 allows you to customise and optimise your SpaceMouse Enterprise and constantly keep the right tools available for peak performance. You can easily tailor and assign application commands to buttons for each application or environment as well as get 12 of your favourite application commands at your fingertips, all of which make it easier to do what you want quickly and efficiently.

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In order to have the ultimate level of control as a design engineer and to accelerate your SOLIDWORKS performance, one should explore the benefits from 3Dconnexion’s Intelligent 3D Navigation. This will enable you to work at a faster rate from concept, to sketch, to part, to assembly and drawing, and you will look back and think how did I ever work effectively without a 3D mouse. The element of intelligent 3D Navigation means that the 3D mouse automatically follows your point of interest in order to determine the optimal centre of rotation on both large assemblies or intricate details. Additionally, whilst positioning the model, you are given a reference point by the visualisation of the centre of rotation making the process feel more natural.

The new device and software have lots of new features to offer that include the Fast Zoom, Part modelling mode, Assembly mode and Drawing mode. The fast zoom is a hidden power of the new mouse that allows you to set the Rotational Centre by selecting any face or vertex, or Set Rotational Axis by selecting any line or edge. This is done by pushing down on the 3D mouse controller cap while holding the middle button on your traditional mouse. The Part modelling mode allows you to view a model from numerous angles while simultaneously adding or adjusting features with a traditional mouse. Furthermore, the assembly mode allows you to place components while positioning the assembly to the best angle, accelerating the building rate of assemblies. Also, you can move existing components with ease to get the optimum viewing angle and use the Intelligent Function Keys to instantly access functions including Insert Component, Move Component and Exploded View. Finally, drawing mode allows the user to simultaneously create and place drawing views, dimensions and annotations while positioning the drawing sheet. The drawing mode feature allows rapid access to a range of drawing functions including Zoom to Fit, Measure and Centre Mark, all commands that are frequently used by designers.

Customers have denoted that building very complex assemblies and simultaneously navigating around the 3D work environment gets to be extremely labour intensive with a standard mouse. However, when one has access to a 3D mouse, it is so much easier and more efficient. This can be reflected through their new definition of ergonomics. They believe that the 3D mouse is the most ergonomically designed product that they have ever created and is built to protect your precious hands. The element of less hand travel to keyboard than ever before displays why the 3D mouse is helping to revolutionise a CAD user’s “Two-handed power” workflow while simultaneously reducing hand aches and pains which are increasingly common among hard working CAD professionals.

It is important to note that Intelligent Function Keys and Keyboard Modifier keys are only available on SpaceExplorer, SpaceMouse Pro and SpacePilot Pro. The SpaceMouse Enterprise is now available to lease from HardSoft for £3.80 per week!

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