With the announcement of the new iOS 10 comes some exciting news for schools! Apple is releasing their own coding App! Swift Playgrounds is going to allow students to learn to code using Apples coding language Swift. Now, instead of needing a PC or Laptop as well as your iPads to learn to code, it can be done using your iPad. When iOS 10 is released in July you will be able to download Swift for FREE!

What is code? If you are not familiar with the term code, in its simplest form, code is the language used to make computer software and programs. It Swift App HardSoftis now part of the national curriculum that all students learn to code.

Swift is a coding language developed by Apple to help students learn through puzzle solving and interactive games. Students correct and create code using are a number of preset templates or blank canvases. You do not need to know anything about coding to use Swift, which makes it perfect for new starters. As you move through the stages, the coding gets more difficult and creates new challenges. Swift was released by Apple in 2014, many people are already using this language to create some very popular apps. Swift is an interactive app which encourages to learn through play. As you write your code, the actual outcome is played out on screen to show the cause and effect of the actions taken.

Swift App HardSoftThe App is perfect for the classroom. It comes ready to teach with its own set of lessons. Once you have been taught the basics you can work your way to the more advanced scenarios. Changes made, using the iPad multi-touch screen tapping, dragging and typing to adapt your “playground” as you go. As each playground is open-ended, the student can use their imagination develop their ideas. These Playgrounds can also be shared among students using airdrop, messages and mail. Shared playgrounds can also be edited by each user adding their own ideas. As with all iPad Apps, Swift is intuitive to use and very well thought out and executed. Check out a video of it in action HERE.

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