Simulate an attack on your IT network and identify your susceptible staff

9th May 2018
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Who is the Weakest Link?

Sophos attacked our network, here’s what we learned:
Sophos Phish Threat simulates a real-time virtual phishing attack against your company, this is a brilliant new tool from Sophos that allows you to better understand and secure your network, giving you valuable information pointing out exactly where and how your network might be best exploited by future hacking attempts via phishing e-mails.

Scott Harrington the Technical Director at HardSoft ran this check internally so we could find out first-hand just how effective our IT network and end users are at defending against an attack.

Using the free Sophos Phish Threat software we sent targeted phishing e-mails to twenty-five of our employees including both company directors over a two week period.

Of all the fake phishing emails sent, only one employee opened them. What was opened was a request to open an attached PDF. That PDF was actually an executable file that had been disguised and had this been a real attack, that file could have been a virus.

Luckily HardSoft is fully covered with both Sophos Intercept X Anti Ransomware and Sophos End Point security. So the file would have been caught and isolated in spite of any human error.

The Question is whether you are brave enough to run the test? Not only does it show up the weak links in your IT network but it also highlights if there’s a need for companywide training on IT awareness.

The first line of defence against viruses is always the user, security software is a fantastic cure especially when it’s as comprehensive and efficient as Sophos, but it’s always better to prevent potential attacks in the first instance by making your end-users aware of not just the danger but also equipping them with the ability to spot fake e-mails.

Sophos is a premium anti-virus software and technical support service that covers both Mac and PC operating systems and is available from HardSoft on any of your leases. Contact us on 0207 1111 643 to find out why we use Sophos and how it can protect your network or chat with us online using our live WebChat Feature!