Secure your Office 365 from Email-borne Cyber Threats with Barracuda Essentials

15th July 2020
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Microsoft Office 365 does have some security features which will give you a degree of protection but for more targeted and specific email-borne threats, such as spear phishing, you may need to consider adding another layer of protection with software such as Barracuda Essentials.

Office 365 has existing security features, including archiving. Why do I need added protection?

There are Office 365 plans that have Exchange Online Protection and Compliance Center, and these do offer an initial layer of security, but if your company has a sizeable number of emails you may find that the security offered by Office 365 can be hard to manage. It also doesn’t have the level of controls and spam and email-borne threats can still reach inboxes.

Barracuda adds another layer of security. Barracuda Essentials enhances Office 365 with archiving, email retention, and e-discovery capabilities. The email preservation function of Office 365 is simple and isn’t capable of meeting the needs of companies which need to deal with any regulations or legal challenge.

It’s not best practice to keep all of your emails in a single database without a backup system or disaster recovery plan in place. Unfortunately, it’s often not until it’s too late that businesses discover that their data can be lost through corrupted file attachments, user errors, and other issues outside of the Microsoft cloud. Barracuda Essentials offers users cloud to cloud email and file backup to the Barracuda Cloud, OneDrive for Business, as well as on-site servers.

How will Barracuda enhance my Office 365 subscription?

Barracuda Essentials for Office 365 enhances your Office 365 by adding an additional layer of protection from data loss. It also makes managing your Office 365 implementation easier.

  • The Enhanced Email Security service includes superior spam blocking and protection from threats like malware, viruses and phishing emails. It also has a powerful, outbound email filter which prevents sensitive data from leaving your business and added email encryption enhances security further.
  • A Cloud Archiving Service allows Barracuda Essentials to use the journaling feature in Office 365 to archive all emails and means they can be easily searched.
  • Streamlined Backup and Recovery is a cloud-to-cloud backup service, providing an unlimited backup of all of your emails and files. The recovery process is far simpler more speedy than Office 365’s standard recovery process.

How is Barracuda Email Security different from Exchange Online Protection?

It’s different because it adds extra layers of security which catches malware and phishing that can evade a basic Exchange Online Protection. It also includes email encryption, link protection, advanced threat protection and typosquatting protection, which are optional extras with Exchange Online Protection.

Compliance Center has archiving and e-discovery included. Why do I need an additional archive?

By capturing a single copy of every email Barracuda Essentials minimizes risk by storing this copy in a separate secure archive repository in the Barracuda Cloud. This means the original email data is stored securely for as long as you need it, without the risk of it being deleted or corrupted. It’s then easy to demonstrate compliance and end-users can be granted read-only access in order to search and retrieve email from any device.

Microsoft Data Centres hold my data. Has that changed?

Businesses often find that data has been deleted when it’s too late. It is possible to recover deleted items from OneDrive for Business and Exchange Online, retention of these is often not sufficient. Barracuda’s cloud to cloud backup for Office 365 removes the risk of accidentally deleted items, and retains files and emails indefinitely, even when users leave your business. And you don’t have to buy additional licences. You can also delete any inactive users, giving you access to those licences for other users.

Why do Office 365 users need advanced threat protection?

Whilst Office 365’s built-in email protection is focused on viruses and spam, it can’t detect or stop phishing attempts, malware threats, or zero-day attacks. Barracuda Essentials uses secure sandboxes in the cloud to protect user’s Office 365 from email links and attachments that it sees as a threat.

Does Barracuda Essentials protect businesses from Business Email Compromise and Spear Phishing?

Barracuda Sentinel is the leading AI solution for real-time spear phishing attacks and cyber fraud. It complements Barracuda Essentials by combining a powerful AI engine domain fraud visibility using DMARC and anti-fraud training, protecting businesses from Business Email Compromise (BEC), spear phishing, impersonation attempts, as well as cyber fraud.

Table listing the benefits of Barracuda Security
Sophos Intercept X Endpoint Advanced security software
Avast Business Antivirus software

We have many customers who are currently paying monthly for Office 365, and there are now options for additional security products available, such as Barracuda Essentials, Sophos Central Intercept X Endpoint Advanced available at £1.60 per week, or Avast Anti Virus Business Subscription at £0.55 per week.

To find out more about the additional security software options available to lease from HardSoft, and to find the best one for your business, give our expert team a call on 020 7111 1643, email, or use the webchat facility on our website.

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